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train collector html simple template model Part 50 to introduce the Raiders and 60 copies of this set will continue to introduce a copy of the 70,buy wow gold,80-level play Raiders. To That team before you start the configuration, closed system, spell out the essential physics, we free the rest of the mix position can, of course, if you sharp enough, you can set a more powerful combination, here is recommended. 70 copies: Nani! Hardships to save crazy monkey? Monkey Soul words to the tragic plot against the government, in order to learn cause and had to break what wonderful work concentrated - to the government. The characters encountered along the way corrupt officials is not play the fool,cheap wow gold, and finally finally the Story rescued, turned out to be mad! Save a lot of hard to be crazy monkey heart pull pull cool cool ah. Closer to home, a total of 8 copies of this battle, in which rescue Xue Rengui That may play to play, we can get an achievement. First horse-faced cow, Department of Physics, point to kill the soul search, law-point second Hell Guicu, then free play can be very simple. Second charge ghost prison officials, to play from time to fight, fight it is also very simple, Guicu is strange anti-matter, anti-strange kid is the law, know the resistance can be quickly resolved, but won no awards. Government to save the Monkey King to third Zhuanlun here to note must be single skill point to kill Zhuanlun, because damage to the mobs will give him back the blood, be sure to remember. Recommended play: first, to kill with a single skill point Zhuanlun, or kill the mobs, kill the wheel but recommended, because both judge and cycle messengers can seal, then hit six of Physics judge, law point of reincarnation messenger, and finally get rid of good and evil judge. The next three games are relatively simple, pay attention to three souls and heaven and earth who are anti-law, and two anti-anti-matter, pay attention to the first seconds, the main blame. Seventh Qin Guang Wang, any single physical attack on his group method will be back, recommended play: judge and Hei Wuchang seal life and death, law point of death judge, judge good and bad beat physics, then went out with Hei Wuchang , then white, the last king of Qin Guang. Finally, a Monkey King, the recommended style of play: Juli seal ghost gourd and apes, no physical cut surface, law point of mood, mood hung up on the point of Juli ape, monkey head the next one is God, and finally concentrate on dealing with Monkey Wang. Faceless incite crazy monkey 80 copies: MM with no face bones of two or three things familiar three-Boned Demon, in the In fact, everything is a conspiracy to engage in old fool out of no face. MM actually think he Huyou bones to the poor of the bones of MM, even more pathetic is that they were taken monk ah. Well, 80 copies,wow gold kaufen, up to nine battle, at least six games. Fly on the first grass, cotton Brother strongly recommends that money does not play, anyway, no reward, but did not lose money. Second country girls, seal claws Vamp, the main effort to kill the strange, magic bone can also be closed, you can ignore, and finally kill the soul of country girls. Third old woman, with the country girls the same play, sealing Raptor Vamp, kill the master, and finally kill the ghosts. Fourth only the Earth God, recommended play: closed mountain town Tamawashi, Gongcao duty, killed road warrior team points, then the law of God points, followed by casual play can be. Cunning monster framed public hero fighting the next hit a good luck, bad hit two or three, but very simple, pay attention to anti-monster is the law, anti-trolls are things you can. Next is the white tiger fine, recommended play: seal mysterious visitors, killing Takuhatsu, pigs do not quit, point to kill black Jiao Wang Department of Physics, law point of no face, and then kill the main blame, and then devastated by the closure. Finally a White-Boned Demon, recommended play: There are animals and do not bite the heart phoenix first seal, then seal no life and no face, point to kill the vampire king, law point of bone spirit, and strong to kill the main blame, the rest of the deadly spider Faceless and so on, slowly torn, not the difficult part. This three-Boned Demon, everyone on the FOR weaknesses of each break (2) teams with the violence of the output is certainly very fierce, but the closed system of control and auxiliary supply must not be less, a copy of the face of ferocious monster, Zaibao force is clouds, teamwork is king! The next set of exciting content notice: you know, Also worry about money to spend it? Costa Rica Cotton goods and point of view, On the More innovative and unique pet refining system, ranking system, the gang system, transform the system, achievement system, will let you put it down! A series of activities for you, novice card, Meng popular pet, as well as Really free, happy playing!
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