Divination magic card -MOKA first test on the fate
,cheap wow gold train collector html simple template model National divination time has come,wow gold kaufen! system, challenging a copy of the play, players will describe a part of the game in their fantasy epic. At 14:00 on May 20, the much-anticipated Come join the magic card-MOKA activation all people without adding At the same time, the Welcome friends all groups of servers already in place to ensure that all players can be the first time in the first settled on the In addition, in response to the player surging crowd, the official operations team is also preparing a multiple standby server to ensure that players can experience the most free games fun. Recruitment of national Gonghui was settled that super benefits as today's There are already several well-known Society has prepared, which is not the lack of MM Association figure! All the Immediate action! Features a full system wide open to the mysterious Tarot style learned that the China's first such system, the more the battlefield, including PVP, copy, sales agents and other special games are played to ensure that players hooked. The picture features a pretty interesting: the fate of a large mysterious Tarot Tarot divination system is Tarot card game composed by the 22 big-name, each brand has its own meaning and pattern, through the patterns can predict the type and location of past, present and future. I am not afraid of no one features two: the power of the monster I used for my monster I am afraid Just imagine themselves into the game after a monster, what will happen? This particular play, will make you unforgettable Oh! Magic card features three scenes: the high wisdom to conquer the theme copy Story monster , of course, will not be the player back, so a copy will be fierce in battle. Of course, when you successfully kill these monsters, it will be a large number of rare treasures, equipment, filling the position with you domineering. Ready to engage in fierce battle features four: PVP race Who Controls the PVP system, whether single or multiplayer PVP battle system, players will be in order to survive fierce battle with honor,wow po, survival war, Capture the Flag battle ... ... waiting for? You only can dominate the forces to obtain supreme honor, but also access to special weapons and armor. Features five: day in a different mood over Q Dance stage in order to add players to the fun of the game of life, even a Se Mimi expression, affinity will be able to make you full. In addition, the physical game in which players can dance moves Oh! Quickly and their beloved people to dance! Features six: the title make you the envy of brilliant people want others to you? Want to be the game's shining family do? When you get a unique title, the BUFF can gain additional effects, both in PK or a copy can be handy in Oh. The title game by a particular monster, quest, collecting and other ways to get Oh! Seven characteristics: ultra-rich proper way to force sales agent Articles by keyword, role level, and strengthen the stage to search for each place to pay some of the charges after items. Open service activities to force escorting an accompanying activities: Forum thread to say the Activity II: award-winning grab Name Sign Time: May 20, 2011 18:00-2011 in at 18:00 on May 22nd game open test, players create a registered account to enter the game when the role of official called magic card role name, you can get the official gift card magic (magic card pioneers) the title of one, will also receive an additional fine gifts sent an official Oh. Activity Three: Attendance will be able to obtain rewards (treasure chest). Day a sign to prove that I love the magic card boy; day a sign to prove that I was a good student attendance; consecutive attendance to the end of the event if you can get the mysterious spree; day a sign to prove that I am confident won the attendance award! Activity Four: will get a lot of game coins.
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