Intolerable heat of the summer playing on a wet ra
train collector html simple template model Dragon Sword,wow gold kaufen, In the hot summer, cool breeze blowing bursts, under a pouring rain, is the Lek pattering rain,cheap wow gold, the rain is how players fight momentum bold. On the Lightning, storm,wow po, snow sand and other 16 kinds of extreme weather simulation system so that players in the game can feel more visual stimulation, and the game fresh. In weather, the original game world will show a different face. Mountains, rivers after the addition of weather effects, become more vitality, more believable game world. According to the geographical and climatic distribution of 16 kinds of extreme weather. For example, in torrential rain in the PK, the water properties tend to increase their temporary injury to the player will power; such as snow and ice conditions in the PK, the players are between the injury will force declined slightly, and so on. Exciting next-generation battle, on. Players in the deepening of War is still hot rain shouting nothing you want to play? Statement: Sina gaming channel for transmission of information posted on the purpose of this article, not meant SINA Corporation agree with their views or confirm the description.
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