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_1024 train collector html simple template model Service station official release announcement: It seems the second season of the Arena League has been drawing to a close, the upcoming third season. Also indicates that 2.2 version will be updated. Here is Taiwan's official announcement: Q1 disappointment of the players, please take the last chance in the September 13 into the top eight, you can get in the second quarter Arena League finals. We will provide generous bonuses, prizes to the first quarter of the league to win the first three strong, winning team prizes worth more than $ 100,000 to the winner rewarding experience. October 6 League 5 Halo 3 wins the war to adopt double-elimination system in view of the first quarter of players on the support of the arena league, the first quarter of the arena league will leave Taipei on October 6, On September 13 standings for the top 8 teams of 3 on 3, will be invited to participate in the Arena on October 6 league. Q2 Arena League will adopt a system of 5 Halo 3 wins the double elimination, each team two games as long as the losing streak, which lost to tournament. Finally winning 1st, 2nd, season, runner-up team, in addition to access to our exclusive design of the ,wow po, 20,000, $ 10,000 bonuses,buy wow gold, winning team's prize, prizes, total more than $ 100,000. General Manager Wang Junbo said, with lucrative bonuses to attract players to participate, hoping to make physical game into a full online game leisure activities. Rare treasure to do in the virtual arena Arena is divided into two pairs of 2,3 and 5 on 5 on 3 and so on three different racing mode, players can team up to find a comrade in the arena, all participating teams points, ranking, can by Online tournament is in full swing, interested players can team up to participate at any time. In the end of the season, players squeeze into the top 0.5 percent of the team, are the availability of additional virtual treasure rewards. Arena in the first quarter has been Quickly called friends and family, went to the To defend his comrades, to challenge the limits World of Warcraft Official Website
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