[ high-end prophets Barui Mu ] 4
A copy of the Lost City of CTM Tuo Weier hero Raiders and fallCataclysm dropped a copy of a copy of the entrance of the Lost City of the copy of the Introduction Tuowei Er 5 peopleTuo Weier the Lost City as a CTM5 copies in Uldum map in the bottom right outlet floodplains atThe Town is designed for 84-85 grade players to try . Living being in this Town ,wow gold safe, a mysterious race of cat people Tuo Weier the Lost City consists of four levels - 5 BOSS 1 ) [ General Husam ] 2) [ Garrote ] & [ Austria each] 3) [ high-end prophets Barui Mu ] 4) [ Xi Ya Meite ]The CTM five copies of General Husam map and drop
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