then the elimination of almost all disappeared
I do not know, or hand-eye residual disability, looking for a long time did not find H milk riding Aura Kiel Raiders perspective, in order to facilitate future land reclamation the Boss is about to put some of his friends to share experiences to write about it. In fact, recall that the Boss is quite simple, we eliminate 60 full time, about 50 times in P1, 10 P2 2 times P3 times then before.Click to view Aura Kiel Raiders and fallGeneral riding are all on the MT of milk right hand position, to be honest this place is really more pit position, often ice road + Wind + Wind + Lightning 4 wall batter.P1: our approach is quite simple, the impact of early blast to freedom, the general P1 4 times winds are basically free to cover, thus ignoring the ice wall, then lightning of their own determination to open St. Mary Help of Christians. No treatment effect on the delivery of additional skills, but the metamorphosis of an emergency situation unless otherwise best not to pay invincible,cheap world of warcraft gold, and sometimes still have to determine what is the impact of such wind and wind through the wall or the first wear, but remember if you have the edge the case of two people do not join in the past, the three individuals with a power base is severely disabled. Not directly open acceleration, anyway, more than blue is.Do not want to pay P1 St. brush their treatment, and do not bear flash,wow powerleveling, to keep life's most important. Basically, skilled, able to respond to 80% of the situation. Of course, sometimes there will be very pit of the situation, in fact, it does not matter, anyway, to ensure that 80% can be passed into the basic P2.P2: P2 lacks something good first entered dry, lightly hammering back and forth around the blue, T pulled two small storm,gold sellers, when the pressure began to T, in particular through the outer wall when the wind as much as possible to pay a sacrifice, what St. Mary Help of Christians CD with the card, reducing the treatment pressure is always good. T 7-layer treatment just before the holy hit, so you do not hit the 8-layer, not to the time T is not invincible to open out, unless forced to, in general, I was scheduled for only a small storm T body layer of about 5-6 When acid rain once begged, then blue and full. Shine on the card and then open the CD, flashlights, flash Light Brush T feel the most stressful time is about 10 layers of acid rain, we are able to eliminate the 11-layer arrangement consumption, 10-layer pressure is not small at this time I will pay God Well, then wings.Because we fight for is the treatment of both milk riding 1D1SM lineup, this time in the conservative treatment of milk D also left blue state, so as to vent the blue milk riding. I usually stay a flashlight through the wall when the wind used, this time shaman may be unable to treatment, although not much, but whatever the outcome, hand power to make up for it, then the elimination of almost all disappeared, the pressure should not eliminate big, then one will be able to support a bloodthirsty. D on a milk bloodthirsty invincible, to be honest I did not what matter during the entire bloodthirsty good, I'll hammering back and forth around the blue, and a focus back to blue, to find someone smashed the San therapy, anyway, for a blue and is full. Haemophilus probably over, 16 17 layer, and then also about 35% of the Boss, this time What did D how much milk blue, and we both also have an uncle riding milk. Then take turns to pay Uncle, dark, animal husbandry, this time to open a can with the return of blood song, not necessarily over and over, mainly to 10% of the treatment effect.Then what, when about 20 level to enter into the P3 is not what you can off, generally this time is definitely not into what's the problem, then what is a very simple moves, Qiepu through what training is like a pinpoint location , the pressure is not great at this stage, the first group of blood may be dissatisfied with the impact of high winds, so what's a skills exchange, the best FQ open sacrifice. Then add a little bit of lightning magic wand of human blood, at this stage I shouted with all the moves, there is no loud noise increases, SM premature death, and milk D did not blue, the other did not ride a milk Gansha things, so also how the blood did not feel dangerous, really sent. The key is to do post moves slowly, and blast injury is probably not less than the number of blood 6W.This is the video we had [View], to fight this mess, did not start buff brush, and then I added the wrong person the grid increase their own dead, hit half of the shaman totem that is not inserted,sell wow gold, so after milk found in D did not bring weapons, actually it can be too. Vomiting blood, I said, usually before the 20-storey group of blood pressure did not, how today felt a little pressure, basically I just configured in accordance with our mission to explain the next bit, but basically in accordance with this line of thought to. Generally the moment, animal husbandry, milk D God is very abnormal ability to carry blood, but under the blue serious riding to meet the milk is less stressful stage so that they provincial blue, blue and we vent, we are back to the blue phase of the outbreak, they vent blue.Shaman is a relatively average output of treatment, lack of outbreak, if there is God, animal husbandry, milk D team not to force it to rely on the words of the shaman as milk outbreak of Q to the role of treatment. Two milk riding shines best to discuss what the next card, CD, from the WMO treatment can clearly see the curve of milk rode half a minute hps outbreak curve, if the overlap may lead to excessive pressure and did not shine on the larger, separate open betterI had to play the priest, in order to Aura guild to ride out the milk lunch, have to say for the pastor, MT right-hand position no solution will encounter more cases, free milk Q's too many problems to solve.                                Welcome to visit again
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