and this time he can only refrigerator
Decorations and tell us about the use of free action potion (no works) Note that this is a complete communication software, please note sprayer I say something wrong or forgot to say, correct me, I am very happy, thank you. Opening, the first sorrow for the egg Gemo. Then silence for all CWOW players. Then cut to the chase. The main problem of this post is to introduce the free movement of decorations and the use of medicine (no works). How to use, when used, or rather not, I have cited the following example. The soldiers will not work, much less decorations, but some soldiers there is no way to wash the project, such as the union of professional FM division, forging division, or lazy people like me. Therefore, in our PK just does not advantage, the most obvious is the reflector and grenades. Alternatives, is a stun grenade lack of effect, but this does not mean we can not, stupid grenade type II, non-engineering people also can be used, although it is not stunned, but his role can be used to keep the hunters put aside leopard , lost pull away from the thieves, the Knights lost protection + bandage (not angry with you, especially when the earth), worse still able to throw just sneak thieves, which requires technology, and so on. We are sure that the reflector can not be used, so deal with law, no thought of any alternatives. But really want to PK, means more than is necessary, do not control what Yao does not shameless shameless kind of topic, is the uncle played, PK powerful points are calculated in the syrup inside their own blood, so to play Master of freedom action tactics like PK necessary (you do not, not any project, unless the Master operation in question), you can drink a TT, the Master will be able to drink a super short, and now this moment, which also depends on two free Action Potion of money doing. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Free Action Potion + how to drink a better arrangement? Freedom of movement and the knight can not be compared to that move, even 30 seconds, but out of the body can not immediately solve the slowing effect, but slow down the immune effects after drinking, so many people think, and the Master fight, you can not wear badges and wearing other ornaments, which is obviously wrong. As we all know, playing the Master at any time us generally hung deceleration effect, if you can catch a Master cut, then the operation is definitely a problem that the Master, the Master of the skills that the recipe can be completely against the soldiers, so have we passive one said. Currently the best way to deal with freedom of movement, is to the soldiers of sheep, this trick can be used anytime, anywhere, and do not consider any CD, and so over the scrapping of efficacy. Sheep We, analysis, unless we took the first end of the skull, or that he is absolutely not the solution, and put up their own end is unlikely, because the ability of the Master can see your end + free effects such as a refrigerator You end effect a complete, or more powerful approach is to simply be fully open direct air, while the rich drink limited invincibility, are very effective approach, and we also have shortcomings with end (DOT), so it is end + do not advocate freedom. Emergency fighters hands are generally only heard the soldiers not to charge the Master, the Master did not hear and does not charge the soldiers fighting, assault in the past 15 anger, assault on the flash before the Master, so there has been a move soldiers assault on ESC Stop turning the tactics, which is run into the Master in order to avoid reducing the speed of the ice shield, but now the Master was assault on the flash is silly tactics, the general is now the Master students pan + ice ring, so that we look up to touch him, And some ice on the back part, this action quickly we can touch the two, the more gas will you charge Master's time for you to become sheep rushing, this is almost no understanding. Let's analyze the simulation. Normally, no resistance. Rather kind, so that the soldiers charge, mage ice ring, soldiers generally can not shield the first knife is broken, so the anger or for 15, off J (short, I am too lazy ...) about 10 angry, anger is 7 uniform, anyway is certainly off to look off less than you ask who is the hero of heaven it ... Yes, there is need to explain, ZUG decorations that add 30 rage, not achieve a decision and the decision of the Master PK role, So do not take things he says. Did not work, the Master a shield, you can only change your sheep looked at him, you remember when the Sheep into defensive posture, I believe we all know this. Here there is a disagreement, the current Master equipment better, if you deliberately let him become the first sheep, he can put your big spike, especially Fire, so I is difficult to say for the first time to let the Master you sheep out. But the kind of equipment he is absolutely not let your sheep, and let's not discuss this, we discuss the next general Master, T1 + T2 for it. Master your sheep, and some self-confidence, badges solution off J, frequently dead on, they are not afraid of the fear of the soldiers, regardless of the solution or no solution, the Master will go long, do not go long on the step of 8 yards, this can to deal with the harsh, nothing terrible fall. The Master Paoyuan read magic, put out, it is estimated we lost about 2500 of the blood, as a defensive posture, so the first thing up is Battle Shout (Master run farther, it is not charging the moment, we reasonable at the time of allocation) while closer to the side of the Master into violent posture, the key is here, the Master's actions determine our actions, if they continue to study in situ method, very good, with a badge out of your slow solution, immediately drink freely (key points), ran towards the direction of the Master, or choose to study law in situ analysis of the ... we do not select the hands of sheep, then you almost certainly have been run, the Master moves too fast, you can only be broken lamps, no other way, slow-moving point of the Master, you can interrupt his sheep, if he is boxing lie to you, tell the truth, after all, the gap between professional and some, to this, we can only is to do yourself ... if you can break a sheep, well, because he can not flash, and this time he can only refrigerator, or are you Kandao his good CD so far, boxing CD has not been restored to sheep break fast, so you have not hacked to death in his case, his sheep, good CD, you can only break the gall bladder (you may have enough blood anger 25 anger, which is why did not the reason, the key point) Otherwise, all would be in vain. Broken lamps only last 2-3 seconds, you will get better boxing, then the Master may flash, you could intercept, Master refrigerator solution DEBUFF then attempt to run away you strident, anyway, you are 100% movement speed, do not consider catch up with this situation, this time the Master estimated that at least double the refrigerator in order to reverse the situation. This stage, the biggest problem is that if you have not cut through the shield, your anger is definitely not enough. As for the Master to see action on the free drink you open the refrigerator door, you need not worry, freedom of movement is 30 seconds. The Master Limited Invulnerability tough to drink your sheep, you can think: Freedom cheaper than invincible. . . Freedom cheaper than invincible. . . Freedom cheaper than invincible. . . And more frightening is that the Master put soldiers kite, because you never walk alone is not close to him by, so you have to intercept him 100% flash, you can intercept the time to go halfway piercing (critical point), because You intercept the past he has flashed out, not down on J, and harsh to be able to hang him, blocking is completed, the solution badge gear, freedom of movement. This is very dangerous, because freedom of movement when you drink at least there are 15-20 yards away from the Master, he is like the sheep you, you do not have time to run in the past, so it is best to run the last time you throw him a fool grenades ... Bet, and really the life of the bet. There are other friends that can intercept + broken lamps,world of warcraft, so the Master flash the flash will be in place after standing, but the souls who can answer this trick (Master of badges also can answer out), and he who does not slow down, you Even the first time to drink a free action, you run to catch up with a side of the Master. So I think this move is not very realistic, and you can not guarantee that your body has enough anger. In the meantime, throw grenades Master, you see he has the action, immediately violent anger, do not delay, grenades flying over your DOT, but he saw the word you are immune. Well, the immune dizziness, blood still out. More than theoretical, tactical, so it is completely possible. -------------------------------------------------- - how to use the end of the skull? We end with his skull to the general solution of sheep, the solution trapped inside. What we do not consider the will of the kind of talent souls. End of the skull, blood and more soldiers to use, less blood with this and did not court death difference. 1500 with 10 seconds off our blood as an example. This is what the damage is 2 seconds hop. This thing is loaded to the hands, wait 30 seconds to international practice, that you see the Master back to SS or use that is not what we come up with his duel, anti-flag, anti-copy flag on foot ... I do not nonsense , this is to know. Duel of words, I test the effect against the Master class, playing SS may have a negative effect, but still a word, this thing just to beat the white ... no matter what tactics, refrigerator, ice ring, dead wrapped, can be easily resolved out, and you also have to bear the damage. In addition, with this effect is not taken down, you must have the effect of holding, that you can only get a one-handed weapons, knives to injure. Whether you are using the destruction of the dawn or the wind sword with what level you are difficult to cut short cut through the Master's shield, that you have no way to increase the damage on the anger. While playing SS, he can ignore you completely one-handed weapon attack, Xiandiu a DOT, you one-handed weapon, you can sec him? You change hands and arms, he died wrapped, you can not do violent posture, DOT fast can imagine, dead wrapped over, lit came to intercept the past, a shadow burning, over. If I give this thing evaluation, up to 70 minutes, can be used to play some of the more boring guys. But sheep-free, wind-free charm pull it sounds. In fact, precious lives can still be played with the SS, but you end with a skull, you add all the blood used in the offset damage there. -------------------------------------------------- ------- mentioned the gem of life, we say about this. Life is very precious effect Guards. But this should note that only one point, the state of death can only be added with the previous half of this ... so the soldiers PK, you should pay attention to your body's death BUFF, did not open right away, a rare opportunity, but also you have to remember to keep each other and cause of death DEBUFF. Other times nothing good idea, anyway, is to add the blood, there is no other effect. If you are a defensive fighter, then break open the first ax then this can be a little more so. -------------------------------------------------- ------ Tidal Talisman is very useful but is not good to take. Halo 3 seconds, most are used to interrupt the magic, use very much, really difficult 11 for example. Knight is interrupted more lustful protection + bandage, or stun enemies at the crucial moment, his bandages. You can also skip the cliff or jump in the other MC there to him, let him awake after the vertical drop. For thieves, you can put him stunned, and then beheaded, can not be avoided (open dodge is useless). Also very effective against fighters, a cut on both sides are killed, then you can certainly played him. There are many, I do not for example, anyway, remember Halo 3 seconds is a long-range skills on the line. -------------------------------------------------- --- damage absorption shield decorations, such as Oro, Arena Master talisman, talisman Aracy battlefield. Such things can not be called mainstream decorations, because they are offset by others to their hurt, does not have the offensive nature. However, the addition of a little time Aracy point, the other can play a turnaround are useful. With such things, plainly, is an attitude problem. We can often see: the rival empty of blood, some unscrupulous rushed to the Master will come to a violent Austria, a small D may become a human form with arms knock, thieves run farther to shoot an arrow, the hunter rushing about underestimate the enemy killed ... this is close, but also the miracle occurred. Aside from making the effect of this miracle, shield soldiers also play some other role. As we all know, the soldiers, then the damage is absorbed, there is no anger, this shield just to anger the opponent plays an inhibitory effect produced, when we can start to use, it can be used when the other beheaded ,wow us gold, some small change, disrupt the enemy's PK step, and let you be more smooth. Unfortunately, with this thing and can not be interrupted to prevent your bandage. -------------------------------------------------- - was out of the decorations, such as release poison cloud, poison two seconds to jump to the other side, Six Demon Bag (do not enjoy the bonus) and so on. These things have been brilliant, we can not forget their role, even if I have forgotten their names ... --------------------------- --------------------- call items are Barov stewards bell this thing is a mass product, the effect class, but not only used to deal with more appropriate career AOE. Hunters usually catch against kite-flying. Added to deal with a small D wound blood. Shadow put the sword to deal with SS. To deal with weapons of knights and soldiers wore strong plus SM blood. To deal with fighting off thieves. And so on. Purposes, you may want to have three special little blood, but hit a high of trumpet to help you fight the enemy. Like the legendary monster can play a similar attack of vertigo? I have not seen. Call skull book (deputy), there are two, one ST Bloody BOSS out, there are species out of the Black Dragon. The reason why this should put forward, it is because many people have a misunderstanding here. Skeleton, the Department of Defense is the commoner, that almost did not have much defense. If the call is out of small D, we may open the sweep, the target into skeletons,wow powerleveling, we cut directly to a small D, damage is not very high, but we cut out the skull, Bear D than some defensive skills much less than that that is likely a storm, about the violent death of the best, die again look sharp, cut anyway, what about also reflects a small D; and small D call to put us out of the kite, we will use this plus anger, cut a small D is not afraid of his consumption, but the fear of our anger is not enough, just have such a thing, why not? Furbolg talisman personally think this thing is very annoying. Bear strange bird soon put bombs, attack is also good, plus the blood about to add more than 300, sometimes 400 to last, fatal shortcoming is less blood. And thieves playing, this should be the most powerful,gold cheap, and it is the role of the largest, thieves want to get out, you call, then he had not out, and he becomes the target if you want to play bear blame, it means to lose star And if he spent the star to go, we must lose some energy, that is no way to kill the bear strange the first time, you can at least find time to cut a thief twice. The soldier is the law more headaches in the very far out of this thing called, and then he ran away, you either intercept Master, furbolg will hit you, you intercept bears blame, the Master will hit you ... the best way, is to try to separate the enemy and not blame the time, rushed to the Whirlwind. You anger enough, add a sweep, look absolutely dead. Strongly recommended to brush one. There Willie ST artillery cannon that red, I had ... seems to be open Cannian 10 guns, a gun is 10 or 20 points of blood ... Well, the bandage can be used to interrupt others. -------------------------------------------------- - Enhanced class hit the Earth, Spider Kiss, Dragon Slayer Talisman is to strengthen the attack, etc. In short, you had a weapon when you change it. Or eat the W brother ... hey hey hey ... most useful, between the soldiers inside PK. -------------------------------------------------- No project is probably more decorations, and if there are other more useful, we can exchange it. Soldiers to take an ax happier, you can wear two, attack, or so high, and the sword, and could only take a passive accessories to make up for what crit. Currently I get bored squatted Stranglethorn Arena badge ... there are four, I liberated ...
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