a payment to flicker out
Postscript: I later learned that the server is resistant to common Tu Long Azeroth four major elements of God's name in the tide, surging tide is left after the gold-like as the sand, left lung coated with anti-P memories are as golden memories of World of Warcraft fragment (a)   first tremor with the help of friends, build number, choose a small peace-loving German (Druid), wrinkled, giving her two large braids, his white hair, named Guo Jia.   benefit children and a man named Hunter (Simon) with the next in a tree, tasks, Daguai, never heard the term, the first upgrade, the first death, the first transaction, the 10 level before the full savings to buy a 6 cell pack. . . . . . Do not remember when the Bears had become, anyway, 20 had not changed before. . . .   20 class time to the wetlands, the first hit of the life ring, did not understand attributes, I think of profiteers, so hard-hearted, a payment to flicker out, then I heard is not worth 1 gold, due to loss my heart feel uncomfortable, So a lot of hard to find that deception, gave him 10 bottles of syrup. . . . . ...... World of Warcraft recall fragments (B)   first see tribes in the wetlands, I was coming towards the hump a Slim into a fireball, around the dwarf warrior roio quickly hid the next to a wall behind. . . . . . Then I am happy shouting: people, life on board met good friends here, valiant warrior wizard sister appleMM.   wizard village, the first time I saw a small German village, spoke a strange language, just remember that Germany is a small person, small peace-loving Germany, so the eye of the bull demon, no one hands. . . .   then rushed over to see small groups of tribes, the Union more and more people, the first large-scale conflict, really shocked. . . . . . . World of Warcraft ...... memories fragment (C)   After the on-line can always encounter appleMM, plus dwarf warrior roio, Elf Priest (forgot what his name is called) with my Elf Druid Guo Jia every day to chat to do the task, the idea is very happy.   appleMM always very good and strong, and I always PK, I always win, and then one day, I found that I can change bears. . . . . Then I reached for her winning 100%. . . . . . .   roio likes to run around and lead to a lot of blame,gold sellers, and then run around. . . . . .   Elf Priest is always one and consequently do not care about the look. . . .   I appleMM homes are located together in the original Olympic Park to defend the small village of elves, though always very troublesome boat ran wetlands and dwarf convergence.   remember that time very nice boat, I sat on the deck, apple lying on my lap. . . . . Then hear dwarf shouted: , walked PK, still beat me, ha ha.   abyss,wow powerleveling, benefit children move the turtle, I gave his blood, and then the turtle hit me. . . . Summon somebody to surrender failed. . . . apple on one side laughing, then she hit the turtle, and then destroy mission, to run the body, and benefit children and then move the turtle, I give his blood, and the tortoise beating me. . . . Then summon somebody to surrender failed. . . . And then destroy mission, and finally I understand not to give his blood. . . Then a successful hire. . . During the apple that touched me the very words . . . . World of Warcraft memories ...... fragment (e) a vague memory of the town the night, just remember that 10 gold received four 12-cell pack, was extremely happy, then stop Daguai, the thing loaded The full, there can not tell looking at the sense of accomplishment. Task is to remember to take things in a grave, when friends are not in, so the group had a field team, because we do not rank high, but a lot of strange, short, dead many times, it was halfway back to complete the task team did not until after we have completed bulk, but do not remember their names, and impressed is a thief, he cited the strange things that take us away, he was the last to complete the task. World of Warcraft memories ...... fragment (f) and finally to the Stranglethorn Vale, lush jungle always so attractive to the cap 45 has long been Gattuso to pick me up, riding the high horse, look at the people envy. Have a task to kill the new Darfur, so we started a blanket search for Gattuso to lead the way, the results of his tribe to kill. . . Thieves always so militant. That cry came from the apple: the baby. . . . . Then asked where he was arrested, only to find this cunning tiger's nest. Gattuso called to help him do the task, the way to kill a gorilla escaped 40 (then only 34), the result task is to play gorilla, orangutan in a hole in the groups of continuous running, at the time was overawed, know Gattuso shouted the blood increases, this response came, the final success to help them complete the task, but also met the four friends of Gattuso, and later their youngest woman called Sanlitun good relations, ha ha. I remember once alliances and tribal skirmishes, and then gathered a large number of the league, three major trade unions are about 200 people from the boat to Booty Bay embarked on Kalimdor, the target intersection. . . . Stranglethorn Vale, a place I will always remember, not because of this alliance and tribal disputes, but because from here we have changed a lot after lot. World of Warcraft memories ...... fragment (g) the beta is over, we have not to 45, Elf Priest forever after the charge was left, since less a ramble around but we can always guarantee the safety of friends . We opened a few apple grade level, sometimes with upgrades from doing the task, sometimes apple, and others on the team went to the copy, then come back to me a little unawares not binding equipment, good and bad, Then I put on a look. 45 when the apple ride a horse, because I always wash gift, often money,world of warcraft, also the apple of money washing into it, she has not led to Maji, the last ride, the white tiger has been very beautiful. Behind her followed a thief, running out of breath, the team, we call him water, he called me Grasshopper. Called apple apple. ...... World of Warcraft recall fragments (eight) children being pulled into a benefit called the dragon soul union, the union people call Dragon XX, president of Dragon's Egg, no 60, very home feeling So the apple is pulled in. Benefit all children with a trumpet, to meet people in the union called his sister. . . . . apple60, and was busy all day the next copy. Water 58, all day complaining about what apple does not take him ah, what playing boring, ah, ah, what friends do together, and become famous male resentment. I am 59, 60 day sprint to do the task, there is always the name of the strange comfort of water, to persuade him to stay, to 60 on what is good. roio Gansha do not know, like and Gennaro Gattuso in the day and night of the murder on the battlefield. ...... World of Warcraft recall fragments (IX) 60 of the last, and then find apple withdraw,wow gold safe, pull me to her new union, said that to the future. Little hesitation, the auction house and all her things are not bound to give a small union, the union channels in all surprised, and asked me if I was not playing, I did not answer, silently laid a / gquit, then private I added apple said. Looked at the old trade unions close friends with words of greeting, the first silent tears, for the first time to experience the feeling of leaving. New union really powerful, not many people, but they are the elite, saw a lot of familiar people, but there are still roio, there is water, there are too many teams usually group of friends, everyone welcome to the Grasshopper. President also called thin, names that very interesting. He says the union will bring us into a Dragon brothers here the strongest unions. Union really become strong day by day, more and more people, apple made a vice president, vice president of the heavens there are female mage tears, to everyone's equipment is also more powerful, the other a copy of our union is difficult to complete almost reached the brush, president of the equipment was still no change, until we all stand, and forced out of the good equipment to the president, was the daughter of selling cards to buy a horse, president, said the president is the image of union representatives, trade unions unprecedented unity, strong. MC opened up a copy. Union decided to open up wasteland, a time of death erase everyone's morale, the President chose to leave, apple to the other unions, I gave up a copy in the wild fishing, cooking, bring a friend. During a lot of friends, prison officers have to sell my little gnome mage, but the symbolic closing of my little money, and then furnace Gate in a variety of external devices abuse my dwarf, dwarf character that is surprisingly good, even without a failure. . . . ; Barren ground, a human female mage horse did not help me find a caravan at Kodo. . . Then I get a lot of recipes, ask him to eat a meal; and a tour of the human soldiers to Mount Hyjal, the bones in fear before the devil take pictures, then horse-Benz in the Great Plains of Mount Hyjal. . . ...... World of Warcraft recall fragments (X) once again returned to the Moonglade, looking calm Luna Lake, behind a quiet stay night in Hong Kong. . . . A calf's arrival broke the calm, to see him slumped over the point of forgetting the Druid flight dedicated daze, I smiled and stepped forward, saluted, pointing, school chicks called, motioned with me, ha ha he actually understood I mean, what you are looking for the flight point with me, then took him to the tribe flying points. Thought of former friends, do not know when our furnace slag is not binding in the same city, I do not know when we are not together, and a copy of the task, I wonder when we are not together. . . . Back to the city to Ironforge, found in apple, she called her to set the iron door PK, discovered that she had covered with the purple, had not their opponents, and then she laughed: , I'll have to go to Blackwing Lair, you come we will it, with your operator is not a team 2 team, is definitely the main ah. Luna standing on the hill overlooking the lake, leaving the bag with a friend when mailing a letter a seal tear, and then jump the Moon Lake, has been to the lake to swim. Breathing gradually fade, but not the slightest meaning of transfiguration. In reducing the blood, a trace of flash memories. . . . . . . Your character has died, quietly closed the machine, so that the Druids called Guo Jia Luna never sleeping in the bottom of the lake. ...... Postscript: I later learned that the server is resistant to common Tu Long Azeroth four major elements in the tide of God's name, six months, in this continent, I'm addicted too, too happy, sad too, too excited, too depressed, never forget this experience and the names, sister-like appleMM, brother of the water as the new Miao, beloved president is also thin, and the other rare small German Kyoshiro , generous attempts to benefit children, brothers, like the dwarf roio, love to fight Gattuso, stupid fool Master Guanyin and Pastor Ruirui. . . . There are those who have forgotten the name, just like those stories in front. After leaving the raging tide is as golden sand, coated with anti-P is the left lung, such as golden memories. . . . .
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