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World of Warcraft Hollywood screenwriter obtained after seven insights on life, John August 37, is considered Hollywood's younger generation of talented writers. Recently, however, in his own blog on the Quit World of Warcraft, he finally completed his directorial debut He admits, those days, as long as I awake, not playing 'Warcraft', that is, thinking about how to play 'World of Warcraft' do writers, the most extravagant and most dangerous thing is that there are a lot of free time can dominate, ' World of Warcraft 'accounts for almost all my time. . I would like to share everything. life experience, on the one hand allows it difficult to return to reality. And the majority of WoW players to share the gold medal Hollywood screenwriter of the game experience, specifically excerpts are as follows, hoping to give everyone in the game to provide a taste of real life inspirational perspective. 1 injured in the first kill monsters in the face several times on your enemies, the people you usually go to play catch up with the most ruthless guy. This is a mistake. The correct way is to get rid of bags wounded, and escape that. Because he will come back in 15 seconds, most likely with a bunch of bad guys. Only he was dead, you can concentrate on playing your guy to deal with. The real world may not have the Druids and Charlemagne, but full of monsters. In real life, they may be the embodiment of In any time period, there will always be a monster becomes more powerful, larger than any other thing. Obviously, you need to break it. However, before doing, look around the other If you do not deal with them, they may continue to bother you in the future, so that the final comeback. The If your car's warning lights, must be immediately to repair. I found that no matter what time, as long as I thought, In fact, I need not remember that I need is to do, to complete. 2. , one by one kill, loot and experience in order to obtain the value. This process did not adventurous, there is no real challenge. Not mindless, boring, but usually the fastest way to upgrade. Daily life, many do not have the same full of mindless trivia, but there is one important difference between the two, that is: Task may be tedious, but there is a clear goal, if you do X, Y in order to obtain the same purpose. Copy in the print room of your manuscript is to get an assistant job. 7 times you proofread the manuscript, to put it to work as a producer friend. You have to do those chores, you can move to goal. 3. ... But the However, keep in mind is this: you do not spend $ 15 a month, to continue the same way that the face of attack will not kill the deer back bunny. Therefore, once the upgrade (or have enough buckskin to make armor), stop the I worked in a company called Tri-Star did a year job, on a 10 week reading the script, script writing to each feed, decent income, paid me $ 65 each feed. But this kind of work people so tired. To know that most of the scripts are bad, of course, they also provide a reference for me to avoid future written as. In addition to the money aside, I could not find any reason to read them. But I still convince myself, Although the president of praise I made a No longer read, and I got a Universal Music intern work: filing, copying documents. These are not brainer, so after work is still energetic. I completed two screenplays. These two work is pure In theory, written summary should be a good job, because it is close from the writer. Honestly, I really learned a couple of months ago some valuable things. But my second job is more appropriate, because he did not let me lose their true ideals. 4 things left to do except in the hands of novice weapons and body armor,gold cheap, start the game, you almost nothing. Gradually, a ring each accumulate to make people excited, armor looks increasingly luxurious, but with the escalating number of equipment for you more and more useless. Store and then sell them, not worth the candle. So, back to novice territory, to find who has just started, you do not want something gave him. May spend 2 minutes, but the novice will be a great opportunity. (And perhaps establish some fate it for you). For me, johnaugust this site, is to return to novice territory. Although it can not be economic incentives, I was willing to send all can give. Of course, I can put my advice into a book, on sale $ 15.95 each. However, I do not want to do that. In fact, the same day I search for a novice like me topics of interest (Flash programming, DC mythology, teaching children to swim). Thanks to these useful information to write down and share with the people. In exchange, I know something about the writer also wrote down. If everyone were to share their expertise to make web pages, that this world will become wonderful. 5 understand your goals, To provide a sense of practice, the game distributed a variety of tasks,wow powerleveling, these tasks often require many steps to complete, including the collection of items, killing monsters or the delivery of goods. Although the game's internal system feedback for your efforts, but most of the time, your efforts (to find a better shield) comes from an invisible but frustration. The trick is to identify these non-game set of tasks and put them into the following specific steps: * browse the auction objects to compare prices; * select the most desired shield; * do not need to sell the linen to get the required cash; * bid. In either case, you may encounter 10 false task. Unless you complete control and identify them,aoin kinah, or you may fall into the curse useless shield, kept running around the point. Advocate Although this is very funny, but you know, most of the work life are goals for the service by the action of a small component. You are not writing the script, just write scenes in the drama. Whether 6 cost of storage is very expensive designer may think those dirty teenage boy is the If you do not pick up the hammer falls, it will disappear forever, so the player is very clear the importance of storage: belts, bags, parcels, breastplate, all to carry. Unfortunately, basically never have enough space to install these things. The more storage, greater cost. (Obviously, such a design is developed by those who want to store the better.), So be sure to remember to carry the costs. If you no longer use it to bow out of it, abandoned, and replaced with coins - coins are not accounted for because the parcel space. And I always remember to be careful to clean up hard drive, in order to install the latest version of the desktop publishing program QuarkXPre, try to delete all unnecessary. Now, I have the c zone 80G of free space, this is my first year examination. Last year, I cleaned up the garage. Not as they used to sell unused are packaged, but with a more effective way, the photo of useless things, make a web page to link to a friend. Whoever wants what, you can contact us by e-mail, they get a free table, and we get a spacious garage. 7 over the loss of pleasure remember thinking, this game is to have fun. Yes, you can spend hours in the forum, find the tree you want However, the plan will only make the game much more like a job, thus losing the fun. I often ask myself, how the script is probably the kind of framework, whether it is necessary to sit down and write. In fact, no need this. Like a map can take you to the place to go, but if you follow it exactly, then, may miss many of the magical landscapes along the way. In a larger level, if you look back in his life at any stage, you will not remember you when the plan is. Will remember what you did,wow us gold, will remember those who take risks, those difficulties, those who peek into the tortuous path, it is these make life beautiful together. So, do not plan for those who live so exciting to come.
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