when you connect to a server
The following is from on April 3 日 (周二) 3:00 am start, all the existing servers for routine maintenance, downtime is expected to 8 hours. If the inconvenience, Blizzard apologize. The maintenance, the If you are using online update directly, when you connect to a server, your system will automatically download and upgrade to 2.0.10 (0401), the upgrade is complete you can normally enter the game. If you download the manual patch is used for version upgrade. Please download 2.0.10 (0401) updates,wow powerleveling, and copied to the The patch is large,wow eu gold, the players pay attention to the official website announcement, the patch is downloaded in advance to avoid network congestion. Blizzard in the future will be on a regular basis every Tuesday morning at the beginning of the routine server maintenance, please players Huxiangzhuangu. Thank the majority of players on the World of Warcraft 2.0.10 patch documentation for team interface tool for players looking to join a team and a copy of the task force seeking to team up tools. Players can also use this interface to find other players in the search team to speed up the process of team. In addition, if players already have a team, you want to find some more of his teammates, you can also use this feature to find more players to join. Combining all the players have all talent points have been reset, and can be included for each series of 41-point talent, including many new talents. At the same time, all occupations have gained some new skills. All pets can be masters of their armor, spell damage, spell resistance, attack strength and endurance to obtain a certain percentage of the value addition. Low-level spells cast by high-level role to improve healing and damage from the results obtained by the addition of gain reduction. Continuous treatment, periodic effects and guide the type of spell has been re-balanced, can increase spell damage and a higher therapeutic effect of the addition. The same caster cast different classes can be superimposed on a sustained treatment effect (for example, multiple druids can cast Rejuvenation on the same target). Introduced a new item property Toughness can be a fatal blow to reduce your chances of a fatal blow while reducing damage to you. Weapons and skills to make the following changes: weapon skill no longer reduces damage due to over the loss of value. Players in grades higher than their own monster combat, 1 point for every weapon skills can bring 0.1% crit chance. In the low-level target body cast buffs, it will automatically cast the appropriate spell level. The effect of crowd-control spells will no longer be in PvP for 12 seconds or more, and have a chance to be an immediate resistance. When the player is brainwashing mind control magic or dwarf cap control will no longer lose the membership of the camp. PvP Honor System to modify the current value is reset honor. Players can show that they have reached the highest rank (in the Properties window, select the role). Get the honor points per day as a View the Properties window of your character can get points on your honor information. PvP rewards are no longer unique. From Medal of Honor on the battlefield will no longer be used in exchange for reputation or honor points. Now they are used in conjunction with the honor points to buy bonus items. Two new arena, there are three different game modes. 2v2, 3v3, and 5v5 players can battle in Stormwind, Ironforge,world of warcraft, Orgrimmar, Undercity, and Gadgetzan goblin C queuing to enter the arena druid talent skill rejuvenation Hunter traps can be placed in combat, but two seconds of placement time. When the hunter in combat with the distance beyond the target range after the melee, will automatically begin using automatic fire. 1 point Agility now provide 1 ranged attack power. Use aimed shot will reset automatic fire. Shaman talent selected two-weapon shaman will be able to use dual weapons. Main hand weapon and his deputy can gain by their own weapons effect, such as Windfury. Petrochemical weapons capabilities change. It now provides bonus damage, rather than attack power. Windfury Weapon and petrochemical weapons will only apply the effect of the weapons work. Warlock Soldiers received injuries due to manufacturing standardized rage. All anger growth are based on our expected rage per hit is worth to the average of (adjusted to balance the weapon speed). Items Telescope and Hunter's Need a certain type of item to cast the spell just now any of these items can be cast in a. For example, enchanters only need to bring an advanced Rune stick, rather than with a few other low-level rune bar. Provided, such as critical strike chance of the effect of such weapons modified to use the new combat rating system. All existing articles on the effect of 60 players with previous calculations are exactly the same system. Throwing weapons are no longer the number of attributes, use durability instead. A loss of 1 point for every throw durability, you can repair to continue to use throwing weapons. Guardian of a description of the legend of the stick changes, it is clear 28 points for the team members critical strike rating results. Players have a cooling time items bar items will be updated in real time its cooling time. Players will not be sold to merchants then blue skeleton horses. Professional manufacture specialized items for all properties are based on the current scale of the data sheet items have been adjusted accordingly. Most of the tailors / leather / manufacture of articles of forging skills have reduced manufacturing time, and now the time required to manufacture the same goods by the quality of goods and the level of decision. New manufacturing time limit. Level 31 + Green Items at least 8 seconds Level 31 + Blue Items at least 15 seconds Level 31 + Purple Items at least 25 seconds Enchanting skill level determines what items you can break down. Skill 1 = Level 1-20 Skill 25 = Level 20-25 Skill 50 = Level 25-30 Skill 75 = Level 30-35 Skill 100 = Level 35-40 Skill 125 = Level 40-45 Skill 150 = Level 45-50 Skill 175 = Level 50-55 Skill 200 = Level 55-60 Skill 225 = Level 60-65 Players will no longer break down because of items on board to read the disk when you enter the screen and lose the item. Innkeeper at the user interface dialogue collection of stone is removed, the system for the new team to prepare for. Looking for Group / team interface to read the screen and looking for new players have joined the new prompt in the prompt. Collection of stone and the Warlock summon spells now have the same purpose. Players can select to call teammate and right-click a collection of stone. Another teammate right-click the portal to summon. Enchanting interface significantly improved. Team interface can now support the main tank displays. Spell early warning (enemy casting bar) can be turned off by default set to open on the target screen is displayed when the enemy magic of magic can also press the V key on the main screen display can be set through the interface menu to open the auto-pick feature. The role of interface properties can now display more detailed melee, ranged and spell information. Players can now field for quick use items for magic items. For example, you can use feed pet skill, and then click on your shortcut bar on the food icon. Have spent part of the frequency of use of consumables can not be sold at auction. In the game interface is added to knowledge base. Can search the Knowledge Base to find the FAQ and general support information. Key chain can hold more items like keys and number keys will be automatically adjusted according to size. Hunter skills, Players can now turn off the information in the floating combat skills information. If the player's screen name in the list more than one screen,sell wow gold, they can pull down the list to display more name.
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