the dark forces of unknown origin
By the artifact of unknown origin caused a three-dimensional thinking, which appeared a few understand the fans. World of Warcraft is labeled an Because of this, there have been at home and abroad to make World of Warcraft online game in the past did not exist in a kind of player - the story the player (also known as epic players). From today onwards, in order to plot with many working on World of Warcraft World of Warcraft players a share of the content, I will actively create a story in the Warcraft series of articles, this first release, Speaking of Luna sickle, which first appeared in the story time is in the second when the invasion of the Burning Legion. Burning Legion invasion was Felwood, and the night elves Felwood defense commander is female priests Wei Linde Star songs, her attack in the combat against the Burning Legion due to spend a lot of combat power, and difficult to sustain their devout after she prayed Elune to the Moon, Luna's plea to get help at this time, a sickle moon first appeared in Azeroth, in the hands of Wei Linde Star song, Gradually, Wei Linde Star song to master the method of using artifacts, call out a large number of werewolves fighting with the Burning Legion, successfully defeated Jadefire Sartre and defeat the Burning Legion. Wei Linde Star song believe that this is the sickle moon gave her defeat the Burning Legion's artifact, since called However, shortly after werewolf in uncontrolled, and Wei Linde sing songs sickle moon slowly lost control of her werewolf no longer need a large number of calls and came to this world. In this regard, Wei Linde Star song urgent need to find the secret werewolf, so she decided to visit Shadowfang Archmage Arugal, said Kirin Tor also call out the same werewolf. Wei Linde Star song to Ratchet, boat to reach Stranglethorn Vale (personal opinion, there is no direct Ratchet Southshore boat, making women priests to be around very long detour, but also causing Wei Linde Star Song Tragedy inevitable), she all the way north and enter the twilight forest. However, the town should continue north through the night, she has disappeared in mysterious twilight forest. Moon in the second story that the sickle is in the twilight Sen Linsi temperature range task. At that time, a stranger Kittles, after arriving in Duskwood, accidentally discovered that the sickle and the pull out, and thus gets the big Phi werewolf, and lead to a dense Ming Jiaomo the God Te Feier The Dark Knight broke into Adams sickle wenjia asked the whereabouts of his wife. Swain's wife, because lying is seen through the black knight final tragedy caused by a tragic death. Hiding in the dark to see the twilight of Kittles extremely frightened, he fled to an abandoned crow Department of Lingnan town, live from the days of suspense. With the players in the task to discover, now known Wei Linde Star songs have been the tomb of Roland died, and that the sickle moon is missing. In the Luo Tailun mainland, and the other is a werewolf can summon in front of us mentioned Shadowfang Archmage Arugal, his book will be a giant by Ur World of Warcraft comes out of magic can be loyal to their own people into werewolves. Arugal's magic with the relationship between sickle moon, there is no evidence, put aside. Now there are two main problems: first,cheap world of warcraft gold, whether the sickle moon gave Wei Linde Star of Elune song artifact? If not,wow powerleveling, then the sickle moon come from? Second, with the souls of lackeys came from Deadwind Pass Duskwood Dark Knight, what is origin? The first question, we first give her a hard to imagine the eternal blessings of the Moon people, even given her a believer has a dark magic artifact, if the moon is really a sickle from the hands of Elune, then We can only be understood as an evil Elune God. Another answer is: there are two in Azeroth over the moon in the second, another above the existence of , then the Moon is a blue children of sickle set of a conspiracy. Currently only for the above two assumptions. Some people believe that the Burning Legion from the sickle moon hand, is deliberately Sargeras defeated the battlefield situation presents the results of Sartre, personally think that this argument illogical, at least when the situation is that Night Elves can not hold in the case of almost , Weilin De Luna Star song with sickle reversed the outcome of the war, so Based on the above reasoning, we can assume for the time being the origin of sickle moon from the second god of the moon - blue child, then the second question, we will be explored in more detail, because the Dark Knight's origin and Another motivation for more people feel puzzled and confused. About the Dark Knight, I have seen a lot of relevant information, most of his masters that he was sent to look for the moon sickle, because they know that this implied power to sickle. And the Dark Knight from Deadwind Pass, then there is no doubt that The Dark Knight and its forces to expose the key is to explore the path of the wind. Deadwind Pass, can be said that the entire continent of Azeroth's most desolate piece of land, where the grass, now known to live here scavenger birds of prey, an ogre tribe, as well as the south was after the Second War unknown dark forces penetrated into the specter of death and ghosts. In addition to these, that is, Wei natural stands of Medivh's Tower. The tower in the Second War is the last guardian before Medivh inhabited place,wow gold buying, because the soul's dark side after being affected by Sargeras, the human had to kill and destroy his physical . However, with Medivh's death, the dark forces of unknown origin, but over the whole wind trails, Medivh's servants and the people here have died, a ghost now. The main story on here,wow eu gold, from which we may be able to speculate to this Series of tasks from Swindon, we can find the dark knight dark magic practitioners is actually a human shaman, warlock is a dark, which is in Scholomance in human participants have surprisingly similar. In addition, the Dark Knight's minions, including the skull and the Ghoul Corps, is a typical Scourge arms. The charnel dark magic used by those who actually make it into a ghoul wife, and he will create even hate! This is a unique Scourge Heavy combat arms, why the dead who will have possession of such magic? We can easily imagine to live in the twilight of his Raven Hill, in order to revive his wife, dedicated to the pursuit of psychic surgery. Another important clue comes from a story in the U.S. movie. In order to prevent a dwarf mage Alsace offensive to Azeroth, he and his human friends and thieves Scourge of the soldiers in the bridge tower of Medivh war, and the Scourge of the soldiers is from the tower in out. Of course, the relevance of the film plot, we can not be verified. II: Burning Legion said. Deadwind Pass's fall and death of Medivh is a contextual relationship in Medivh's body is destroyed the moment, without Sargeras is also easy to break into the abyss between this abyss of course refers to the distorted time and space, we can expect to be in Sargeras into the abyss of time, due to enormous energy, time and space may also lead to distortions in the entrance room of the devil's involvement, and invasion of Medivh's Tower, the occurrence of wind path catastrophic changes. In addition to these two views, if there is a third possibility, that is, there are still burning in addition to natural disasters and other dark forces of a third party, such as ancient as God. Saying here, you can temporarily come to an end, and we faithfully hope sickle moon and wind trail of fans in the future to understand a new piece of information came in to play a satisfactory answer.
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