and happily spread out. And they pay a price
The history of the Reported a foreign website wowinsider interesting news: Recently, a mysterious Society of the United States serving a copy of The Marvel Family Ulduar achieved in rapid progress. They are within a few days after another has made the most difficult Ulduar achievements - the problem is, this thing a bit bizarre, these pioneers did not have previously known members,gold sellers, only two weeks ago they lost witch DOWN version of the demon king Kel'Thuzad, then they wear NAXX equipment headlong into Ulduar, to rush ahead with irresistible force on the way down, which can be a bit fresh. Association of such a nature very pushy people pay attention, and soon it was found that the council, a player called Karatechop a problem. Xiongtai equipment is light to see if he fell no exception, NAXX the TANK epic only, have nothing to wear this next Ulduar justified, but look at his statistics and achievements - red box is the largest part damage maximum damage 353,892,967? There is no mistake! If a NAXX equipment TANK can play in a copy of this hurt ... ... and so on, four turret level of Flame Leviathan hard mode is the value of the blood, it seems that there are articles. Look at this achievement: Orbit-uary (hero: destruction of the track), the four tracks defense system is activated, to defeat Flame Leviathan (Heroic Difficulty). The BOSS TANK can actually blow seconds away. Flame Leviathan is not his only spike the BOSS. From the record,wow powerleveling, he is almost the spike all the pace. Open plug it? No,wow gold buying, but he had to get another Guards equipment: Martin Fury. This thing is GM or developer to prepare, spike all within 30 yards. Hero does not display standings description of this piece of equipment, but you can still find the item ID from the database to its data, as follows: While loading error text, but still be able to see clearly the true item ID This test equipment use items should not appear in the players hands, but Karatechop found in a morning: this powerful equipment, in their mailboxes inside. Staff went wrong, and Karatechop intends to use the error to the limelight, so the Association on the use of this amusing incident to Naaoduya achievements, and happily spread out. And they pay a price: It is a member of the Association in a message posted on his BLOG, the Association is Blizzard Manmenchaozhan - whether you did not tell too Karatechop playing with this BUG, ​​short cut to say. Do not know this was a temporary or permanent freeze,aoin kinah, this thing is not good to find out. It is estimated that at least Karatechop brought to light a number of accounts is a little hope. And their Click to copy the article address and recommend it to friends on QQ and MSN
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