we do not kill people
Introduction brush the battlefield is not shameful, but do not break the law, a copy of the brush and the battlefield is a concept: again and again until the equipment. Please those who think black E,gold cheap, Black Dragon, is a noble act ng players do not misunderstand, do not laugh hundred paces of 50. Beijing in Zone 2 there is a phenomenon very strange, when you reach 50 and when the queue ah diarrhea battlefield, there is a default rule about winning or losing the battlefield - that is, two-hour tribal win; one hour, Alliance win. Loser-before-flag, when the resources reach 1400 after winning one battle immediately open until the end of this flag. Doing to win the party can get 1300 honor and 3200 experience points, loser can get 950 honor and a badge, equivalent to 3200 / 3 experience. The result is soon to end a battle, both sides get what they want. I was 50 and into the time, this scene is really amazing ah. I sincerely thank both of our predecessors to create a good environment for us to experience, honors and equipment are under cover. Some enthusiastic players voluntarily served as a small speaker role, how to properly operate the current broadcast, and I gradually became captain, almost every time I released ahead of the macro is to convey instruction. Everything is so smooth, so I rushed to benefit 50 54 quite easily. However, a number of brush, and gradually encounter a lot of annoying things. Two-hour, the Union flag to open the first 1400 resources, let us open the tribal flag, or simply hang on the farm until the end. Natural tribe soon lost. Since then, I soon experienced a negative one league event. Here are Union may ask, how do you know who is our first overcast it? This is a good question, then we have analyzed two-Leveling studio release, may be quickly rushed to honor those who hesitate to negative people. Which led to the two sides distrust each other verbal abuse. Regardless of where I mention how the league, anyway, our tribe, we are to resist negative people. If someone shouted, CAO! There was just overcast. So in most cases, we will remind him to exercise restraint, and I speak up, I always said, the establishment of the environment is not easy, we have to be patient. If the last time it was a lot of negative numbers, we will in turn, a one-hour Yin Union. Here note that: a, uh, on time, I will not tolerate this rule is our destruction. When a female revenge after completion,world of warcraft, I will send radio to tell you that the not overcast, maintain the environment, as gesture of goodwill, after the finish flag, have withdrawn home, do not kill. Allah thin brush in such a rough road under the shadow of distrust stumble forward. Our slogan began to change, an increase of one: Alliance negative people seriously, we do not kill people, promising points. Then again the anger of our anger to the Union League players who kill the hook,sell wow gold, shouting than to kill people is stupid. Now think of it really should not be ah. . . . . I do not know who within the Union on the negative attitude of the players reported to. Laissez-faire, or co-or block or reprimanded? As long as I join the battle, a player overcast, I even greeting his parents (in this case apologized). I feel negative person is not responsible for Horde players, but also the LM is not responsible for, and if a person who destroyed the environment, it would be a disaster ah. I despair of the time, has finally arrived. One hour, we lose, it is most easily our most enjoyable time. We will laugh at the next girl, and discuss an equipment addition to Shasha hook. Who knows the league and a new pattern. . . After we finish flags are set to LM Wallace, the point no one. LM has to kill us by surprise, not much time, and immediately open flags. When I reflect over time, there are a lot of people just standing in the league in Ben chat it. So we went through a thorough, two-hour was overcast, overcast one hour is also the situation T_T history to this moment, the battlefield of the road has been precarious, and a greeting LM approach are abusive parents. But I always believe that we are all people, negative people do not want to rely on to win, who do not want to secure to worship, and then to buy a horse will, then the military governor. . . . Said here, Alliance players brush off ah diarrhea, please leave a message under your description of the situation over there, why do people always overcast, overcast tribes often do you? The worst day came when I found the time to line up the battlefield quite small, only five or six available, I thought, and new tactics, and two-hour Union does not line up? ! Go after a broken heart, the Union opened a flag, the flag directly to kill waiting for the tribe to open and stick to the end. Two-hour, we won, in return for the merciless ravages. Well start. The next one, (of course, on a team member, because the thing with the line) immediately enter a state of war, I changed the next macro command, scraper broadcast. Thus completely breaking the unspoken rules. In fact, long break, because when I queue, the queue has suddenly decreased, indicating that we all know. We are not entirely to ask, who destroyed our rules? 1, is that they kept the league we are in the shade 2, the tribe that they hated Alliance, simply Shui Yebie want to brush 3,gold sellers, GM sample, so that you brush so easily, I built a cow B, Lane 59 you 4 dead, wandering small B players was great that you brush, I did not have to brush, you are back to Marshal, and how do I do? 5, the player's wife can not make this rule exist, or brush to the Marshal, home no more. I practiced this thief is my first N small numbers, and now, 40 copies of no time, G group called the pastor is always the last 5 copies clearly see - who is not out, out of whom, 9 city battlefield brush control does not become another Super BUG Okuyama General Union can not afford to play our blood, hey peril ah. Predecessors created tribal alliance was so tore up about, in addition to delay the upgrade a bit sad really outside of it, to re-appreciate the next cinematic trailer was: to the fragile peace in this, of course, has not saved. The various figures of small battlefield mettle, mind reflects life, we really want to say games like this bad, how to get along with others took to the community, I would like to remind the young LM junior high, high school, you are the future, a good man, bit by bit from the game start, there are brush brush rules, do not put your selfish greed exposed so early, then you really can not gain a foothold in the community. In addition we note that care about their wives, relatives, wife and mother than the Marshal, the former considered a P ah. Say goodbye, Allah rare. Shadow of the month to stay a little thieves.
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