the first bronze dragon prestige
Buy buy buy mine talk about grass material, not because they are actually spending, these are just everyday business expenses, and today spent a few days are sure to get it back, they have nothing to be counted. I would say that other aspects of consumption. Let me talk about medicine, although I rarely go to RAID,wow po, but still the next copy of their drug or drink, eat food, but because each battle can only eat a red / blue syrup, plus a copy of it is easy to die fewer opportunities to many aspects of the current consumption expenditures in the syrup, almost close to zero, and before his fall by some of the remaining reserves, and some left over red skills, enough. In other words, the current practice of finished gold market is very bleak, and I realized once a week, mainly to save themselves a formula only, never how to sell products produced. Besides equipment, the 200 level a lot of purple and equipment, making the price drop is certainly better than the high point, but the property is actually almost the same, 213 bit difficult because the general price but also a grade. I buy very little, only took 5500G bought a Crow 2, 10,000 hanging in the AH, four days no one to buy,wow eu gold, then someone wrote to me asking 8K not sell, they just thieves to 80, they forget their own use, it can be said that I spent in the WLK the largest single item of. In addition to these arms, now I like the second most expensive purchase is a recipe on Saturday, I spent a 4000G to one bought. Yes, that's that purple cooking recipes. This is after I opened the only WLK see one, I consider the 10 seconds go by. 4000G is not a small sum, but with their own income to consider, 4000G is their No. 2 jewelry just to do a week of daily income, or they sell 3 purple ring profits nothing, a week rely on this income, it will certainly take back. But now engage in a role,sell wow gold, the first bronze dragon prestige, do the task, I'm sure I need to spend more time (and earn 4000G compared to it),world of warcraft, so I paid very calm. G, earn, and eventually spent, spent, where, in fact, to see how much you value their time only. Thus I thought, if you own some role, there are bronze dragon prestige, they may be an asset to the future, took this recipe, for many players (especially DK, I believe that they will deliberately play AQ red prestige is rare), or be willing to pay the price to buy the very considerable.
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