when killing time in Booty Bay
Keywords: Event own ideas on this site a long time did not read the article a few pieces that they do not know what to write these things to poor tribes say that the Alliance coalition, said tribes are bad in fact two camps to play our own Chinese players Is it reality or alliance or tribe do you? First of all I recommend my friend this game is the fact that this game should be fine I was a tribe of thieves Why tribes for the simple reason because I think Tauren more foolish the first time My girlfriend said that cow really fun to dance I chose a thief because the thief chose the souls of those dead thief on video is also quite pull the wind I was 7 the first area of ​​Northrend I like Wan Chuanqi PK Perhaps it was time to develop met in the field of interest .. I will usually kill the league,cheap world of warcraft gold, but I at least see his grade level to see his honor I kill alliance low level there is a principle not to kill do not kill me honor low to kill those who kill tend to honor more High alliance because I know their hands dipped in the blood from more than 30 tribal level to JJG that time I have been killed by the Union to run up to run the body like this I have no idea of ​​PVP afford to do this is to play I was well received OK I ran LM kill you to kill my body to continue to run up to my group of several tribes, and you make a Qunjia 60, when killing time in Booty Bay,cheap wow gold, a 60 alliance hunter honor Knight Lieutenant I specifically go there to kill him because of his small tribe I keep him 6 times 2 times wore NPC kill him then he changed to the AG brush small tribes liar I also created a name and I The figure is almost here, get money in the tribe destroy my reputation that he was very effective to do so is a liar I said I do not have much to refute just told them a bit,wow gold safe, please see their name on many people know that the misunderstanding was naturally gone It was the first time I hate to think about their own league but then so should hate and despise the silly is that people who play the league,buy wow gold, he may also be a real loser between the Horde and the Alliance it is killing and killing too many game total available is multi-faceted and sometimes the Horde and Alliance side I have lovely friends in the JJS chicken escort mission to be followed by a 60-my friend did not know the QS QS of his way to help him end up escorting Daguai until my friend actually said to me that women really looking for her as a girlfriend QS of course he did not know Half the game is after all just a game than WOW Alliance and Horde players are playing so we do not have to say that camp who refuse since you chose this Of course the game would have to bear some of the most important thing is to enjoy this game to refresh curse less simply is not good after all, is a game for the first time writing to thank everyone here can see the shit I know I will Some scoff at my dear friend to me they hate it even earnestly ask you to criticize the point I was dead Northern killing thieves steal regardless of the sacred tribal alliance and you want to make friends under the exchange of technical Thank you
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