This was a very serious career NEF
Consider carefully, even the greatest deception that BC is not the day of arrival within the foreseeable future, we will face the next team information sheet. Although much of this piece of information changes, but the basic job position or have not changed. Let me talk about the general location of the rock under the occupation, this theme is simply mixed career enhancing, but in fact is not entirely true. Under the first commoner said it! Master: BUG has been changed to close the existence of basic all seen video of people know about the equipment, master Master master to play any other occupation, basically impossible to lose, when the master is also a mistake, it was a case, the do not drill that dead end, anyway, so to speak, the Master is there are ways to deal with any professional to be found. For the existence of such a career, more than that, after their experience. Warlock: Master is the only threat to the job a little bit, because you can put a water element, water element will not be killed tens of seconds. If the person is a Necromancer, Warlock playing is still very uncomfortable. Unlikely to play the Master by the outbreak, the double ring of ice during the high injury is not beyond anyone's, and perhaps the rest of the play the Master Warlock is stacked DOT kite capital, the ice gun stack Winter's Chill, too disgusting, Master of the high explosive scary. Of course, Warlock is still very strong, so that more professional instant fear depressed, Affliction Knight Priests vomiting blood. Pastor: Pastor can say is this career change succulent, dark, animal husbandry into a real existence, regardless of his first severe or not, but the endless milk has passed,buy wow gold, have a second choice. Moreover, dark, animal husbandry is still very strong, to the priest with toughness, almost the same and board a 抗击打能力, injury is still high, blue smoke is still a war of attrition in depressed people, the fear is still not a magic priest, not the solution. Shadow Priest, Elemental Shaman, Warlock pain RUSH stream composition, so that all combinations of pain, a little mistake, it will be RUSH, even if the war is extremely powerful ride, will lose a little careless in their hands. Speaking of treatment status, as long as you are willing to sacred, Knight is still not a substitute for your small D position, the initiative in the hands of priests. Overall, the commoner is still standing in the food chain. Then said the physical occupation it. Of course, a soldier must first say: compared to the same wear plate armor of the knights, they are very happy. There is no doubt in the arena can not shake the position occupied, as broken ribs, fatal blow is too useful. One lethal blow is the key to the team victory. Add a little of each HP, close to the enemy soldiers go on Duoliaoyifen turnaround opportunity, while the TBC is for the soldiers of this nature, so to speak, any professional high resistance will make the enemy dizzy, and is one of the best fighters . With the arrival of new talent, the soldiers a large degree of harm to strengthen, in the arena, 2V2. 3V3 in, are the main damage output. But honestly, 1V1 not get much improvement still to be abuse of the commoner. A copy of the tank on the most discussed issues, the status of the soldiers is still the chief, as the largest competitor Paladin, although there are also excellent ability to pull strange, even in the group has advantages when pulled. But short of blood born, so that only a small copy of the knight or do a show, and basically had no real value to the team involved in a copy of the basic Paladin is waste, and 70 T5 sets, less than about 1500 soldiers of the blood, to the Kang Da BOSS, let teammates insecure Moreover, for the soldiers, when the Paladin to a small copy of the T, so that the soldiers more comfortable, you can easily play the game. Rogue: I hope the thieves arena because they were not friends out to be discouraged. Because you are most capable of the location of the impact of PVP commoner career, the emergence of the shadow cloak, destined to the positioning of your Blizzard is commoner killer, and natural enemies of the past, there was no liquidation of Knight, as long as you like, TBC is not your enemy , want to play hit, want to stay away, even if the Master is unable to retain you. 5 star Eviscerate the support of the new weapon, 3000 + damage is home cooking, few people can live in an attack the top of it! But thieves PVP position occupied by the soldiers food chain, because the significant increase in blood volume, even thieves dead soldiers, and soldiers had to hand combat, really suffer. Hunters do it: This was a very serious career NEF, compassionate, attack strength dropped drastically in a short time makes it difficult to accept. In addition to 41-point Beastmaster, this job does not exist in the basic necessity, and remarkable skill shot is silent, but such a high amount of blood in front of, the role is too limited, and the relative call type BB BB is the hunter very weak, and damage to almost be neglected. King of field position was practical, first, upon the expiry of 70 people are really out much, and that is very difficult to kill people in the field. Shaman: happier career, at least Blizzard thought NEF shaman. Although a double weapon, but practicality is not great, the arena is difficult to have a higher position, elemental shaman is still the mainstream. Preferred because of injury to soldiers, of course, is also good, such as to output a copy can be hurt, earth elements and the element of fire calls for a more meaningful existence Shaman, Shaman Blood Knight appeared to have their own position, not more people get to do again, because Knight and Shaman can exist. Here are two traditional integrated career. Little D: D they should be small or very happy, save a large sum of money flying mounts. All aspects have been strengthened, and even grab thieves wild D trends in jobs, we also liked the small arena D, because of the return of blood BUFF really good, not afraid to counter. But to lay a small arena where D is a skill, a tornado has been up to the time a small D, the skills to become a small D real consumption of the king,wow gold safe, used to be hard to say, because up there the danger of killing the small D should be grateful to this skill, Bear D, on the issue, obviously, but the hatred is more than soldiers and knights, and blood is not too bad and the knights, warriors and knights can not shake the same position. Concluded that Paladin: a magnificent job behind the failure. From the perspective of most people, a lot of knights improved. But the fundamental nature of more scrap it. Knight Arena to the high status of milk, and the soldiers side by side in the front, soldiers knights of the skeleton of a successful team. But you are willing to live life in the arena it? Soldiers can be independent from the knights, and milk from the other riding career is waste wood. Far behind the ability to increase blood DPS increase, to take the Master as an example, TBC before the ice can easily be two to kill the Master, TBC more blood, not because of the second, ah, in fact, had even worse. Master the general TBC hurt like 1700 or so to keep the ice, burst around 3500, a million dead under the blood knights burst 3, and Light is a 2300 based treatment, that add a bit of blood is less than the others burst, or not burst was hit on the blood does not increase, Moreover, small amounts of TBC's MP, plus a few not blood,cheapest aion gold, was beaten, you are plus or without it,world of warcraft! , Plus also to die, without also die. If the Knights of Light to add more than 4,000 blood, a confession or sanctions can be combined with nearly half of the blood, I believe that Knight is strong, but unfortunately increases the blood can not keep up DOT. Knight added that the ability of blood had been NEF, TBC did not open the blood of the invincible plus, no talent support, plus 4 times to fill with a time of 10 seconds, 60 hours is two, only 5 seconds. Just a Holy Light, so that Knight has become a wild waste, TBC slogan is, plus you do not play on the blood, also Barker added. And Knight's talent is very strange, there are anti-silence, interrupted by anti-, anti-fear, anti-stun and anti-disease, anti-curse, and scattered very powerful, or are added? Not, how can so many points, we can see, the design is still a great talent on the issue. Low-level flash NEF, 1; 20 the proportion of blue-blood transfusion no longer exist, so the location of consumption give the king a small D, because there is no consumption of the capital of the. You do not look at the surface, a little analysis, we know that the original case. Similarly, the shaman also increase blood NEF, because half a chance to not increase the blood, small D is increased, because they are a big plus to plus close to a half of blood, the blood before the small D4500, up to add a 3500, it is clear overflow treatment, and now 9000, up more than 4,000 plus one, just, and the small D as pastor. What TBC fresh things, hope all my friends out to share
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