wow2.4.0 upgrade program officially opened to down
train collector html simple template model 2.4.0 ( 8089 ) version of the upgrade program size is 264 megabytes ,buy wow gold, please click the link below to download the player upgrade , upgrade to 2.4.0 ( 8089 ) version . The large number of users in the TG beast it local high-speed download upgrade information: The upgrade version of the program : · upgrade size : 264MB · MD5 checksum : 5fafe8257870a084c1f450ec2d185e69>>> Click For version 2.4 upgrade Description installation Guide : before installing the new upgrade , you must first understand the local client version number , look at the version number of the method is very simple , open the end of the version number , according to the current version of the upgrade installation .
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