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Embarrassed to drop that, TBC where after where I still dissatisfied with the prestige, also full of pitiful one or two. In order not to work hard every day to fill the G wasteland syrup, I determined how they have to get hold of free standing syrup drink. Dressing piled a lot of water stuff is so not on the ah ~Well, is not afraid to medicine field team, rafts team channels. Group finally grinding to rub off on a team Arcatraz, or heroes everyday, and what a beautiful ah. Just the door ~ ~Pastor: Oh, this is the first time to do ~Warrior: Oh, I is the first time ~ ~Little Master: wow, I also do ~My sweating ah. . . .Leader of the Master for the time being call her black (with a black name) is a super good temper of MM or GG ~ unknown.Black: all right,wow eu gold, there is meWarrior: Well, to me, ye pull no problem under the BOSSPastor: HOOH, experienced Master on the lineSo I took both excited (at least one will be able to tour down the reputation) and anxiety (Zhashui it ~) feelings into a prison. Along the way we talked and laughed, glad I did not encounter such a long time live in the wild team.BOSS 1, first, simply accepted the black soldiers of the fighting began after emergency training results ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ went out numerous timesWarrior: The BOSS difficult,fast wow gold, uh, there are simple it?Little Master: Well, Well, this is too difficult -The ~ BOSS ~ also lug drops fightBlack smiled and said: Well, I hit back, simple.Fortunately, well laid 2 BOSS, little rest, I saw the brave soldiers on toward Socrates.The result is our surprise to eliminate the ~Warrior: This how so fierce? Is the BOSS?Black: Well, yes 3 BOSS ~It really is a couple people, how his wife when the BOSS, her husband - when the soldier'sIn this way we eliminate to and fro, all the way to bite into -Steel Big Boss suddenly I went to platform M, Oh, or powerful ad, this time to the Jiaosha really admire his doggerel ~ ah ~ helpless here I go again off.Then the process will become more miserable, but black or patience to explain, and we talked and laughed, off to the extent we can really talk to the team little joke. Black jokes brought a pioneering team, the students were enthusiastic pioneers are still high,safe wow gold, have vowed to overcome the difficulties, not afraid off, on when to pay tuition fees,wow po, also dubbed the black guide, sparring ~Finally, I ended with the collapse of the league is really the collapse of the trip to prison. The black still led the remaining two students move on.Steel received before leaving the team for a new Big Boss:Advise Mo into the prison doors, dire straits wicked heart. Platform Renmei scenery the United States, came late, did not pit children squatting!How can there be, is a good teammate, but hey ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ah, but also pit My son, forget it - but I really want to know my last black players but have not yet completed the training mission.
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