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Author: nkzzt link29 pm, Enki love strong group decided to go to car a car spider copy. This copy is located in the northwest plains of the keel. The ground is riddled with spider and made a place.loading screen:(72-74) The door a bunch of Crypt Fiends and Crypt Lord to meet with us:But they must have been the fate of war turned,(72-74) boss 1, and in front of the mixed soldier, probably because of bug, injuries amazing!(72-74) Powerful mage dead luck! Who died in this strange monkey several times.(72-74) Feeling on the surrender of the old one lacks the loot, a 104 dps dagger, stalkers, burst into tears at the moment.This guy will call a lot of cannon fodder, because the strong presence of the Master, cannon fodder, but it is a victim of Arcane.(72-74) Go down, go down! Here are all cobwebs. Through a spider web on to the boss 2 in front of an open space.(72-74) naxx spider 3 turtles grandchildren. This spider has been struggling to resist here seeking refuge with King Ly Chee similar. Keep the king's men have lychee washed down from above, we have time to drink but can not save. Fight them all turned on to meet No. 2 boss.(72-74) loot,fast wow gold, a good Leather.(72-74) 2 from behind the spider holes jump, a fear of heights,wow po, beware! Very, very high. Of course, you have to worry about fall to their deaths. Below the water.Beautiful landscape of the Kingdom of the underground spider your own experience.(72-74) (72-74) (72-74) Xiaoqiang Xiaoqiang and keeper of two(72-74) According to Xiao Qiang Yuan(72-74) I hate the guerrillas had! Walking is not willing to play with you a positive, drill into the ground every time, and then only call 2-3 chop suey.Then something from the ground to Star in lurker tricks. Chop suey was cannon fodder Well, that pin plate than 100,wow eu gold,000 years after theySpace for the kind of rampant, big change too much ... ... easy to escape.(72-74) Walking as good at guerrilla warfare, we spent nearly five minutes down to the ground. Of course,safe wow gold, loot used.(72-74)
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