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destroyed our homes, to give some of the small favors that can make me forget everything you have done? Of course, you will force yourself to forget, or your conscience will let you sleepless nights, if you have a conscience, then I can never forget the night elves once count of murder Dasileima Wang, framed my family when my parents shed blood from the criminal shelves, my sister and I painted his hands with blood, vowed to live, to you revenge. Hey, speaking, really want to thank you for your hypocrisy, if not you adopted us, we were helpless, certainly had starved to death long ago. You should be responsible for all crimes,wow po, Xuezhaixuehuan. Tyrande silent, as if caught in a painful memory, and realized it said: attracted the Burning Legion, led to the explosion of the sun well, and even destroy Azeroth framework. Blood Elves should be responsible for the consequences of all this, but subsided after a disaster, they did not even reflect, but also immersed in the explore the magic of crazy order to avoid disaster again in the elves into, we have no choice but to banish them. This struggle is not for personal gain, but to faith and survival. Even so, we try to forbear, hoping to avoid the struggle, to seek peaceful co-existence, but Dasileima Wang pressing harder and harder, stop stirring up trouble, forcing Druids to hand over power if he succeeds,fast wow gold, the blood elves will once again become the master of the wizard, Night Elves will once again become a servant, and Druids will probably be as heretics, all killed, we no turning back, had launched, we tried to minimize the cost of the end of the battle, but still a lot of people brought to pain, which is the inevitable consequence of war, but everything is worth it, because there are more people will usher in a peaceful and stable new life. Your family is a victim of that era, but as Sunstrider Ting followers, they have the road of death, considered themselves to blame. I see, you still forget this hate it. Tyrande sighed and said: I teach you, what means you beat me? to rely on these helper? years, no defense capability, long time, but you never can hurt me, do not feel pity it? with, every day I have in mind to kill you a thousand times, if they can destroy you, I would rather give up their lives, the expense! The sad news incessantly.She would not finish, I saw the front of the white flash, Tyrande, such as flower-like white clouds has been flying down to her front. Yu launched his hands on quickly, start Word Shield, a layer of gold to play to Tyrande. Tyrande is not avoided, depending on the Word Shield as nothing, left before the probe has to wear the shield into the room, a drawing of a program, will be on hand at the hands of the feather double, golden at once dissipated, Word shield break. Tyrande to pull the feather on the front, right by the flow immediately went to her chest.Tyrande action as fast as wind, people speak a blink of an eye, the bounce is a golden powder, feather has fallen into her grasp on. Xing Ming, although trends in Tyrande saw, want to leap onto the block, a capacity to feel the chest between the evil Huo Zhi burst firing, suddenly rigor, even in the hands of Warhammer are almost disposed of, and hurried breath restraint, so slow a slow, Tyrande has come to hand on the chest feathers, has not incorrigible.Seeing no insurance on the lives of birds, suddenly a figure appeared behind Tyrande rolled in a blanket of darkness, shining coldness in the hands of a dagger after stabbing her heart, but it is Sartre Mubarak. Troll hearts must have the gas on the block, had just been dialogue on feather and Tyrande could hear his anger break out more, straight to Tyrande hate to the extreme, the moment the leader of the elves fear all thrown out the window, only think of anger as a force to kill her revenge on the birds reported, and the moment they step on taking advantage of two words sneak Shadow Step to Tyrande behind.Tyrande has long been perceived, just ignore him until a month jump off Yu Qin Zhu, Sartre Mubarak has not touched her behind. Troll seeing surprise, rushed out Tyrande, Hunwang the thieves slow deep hidden life-saving way, in the hands of dagger out faster than we sing ming half a beat. Tyrande is ignored even though he was, but the dagger came, but could get no vest Qudang, grunted the moment, do not turn around, only to withdraw the right palm counterassaulted a twist,wow eu gold, has won a dagger in his hand,safe wow gold, draw smoothly out carnage splash, Sartre Mubarak suddenly stumble to the ground.Roared, star Ming's head hit Warhammer has Tyrande. Then everyone Weaponry also have come to greet him Tyrande, Armagh is the potential, such as Feng Hu, Carl, calling the name of Sartre Mubarak, his hands holding pole Hengqiao straight cut, mad to Taylan Germany cut off. Tyrande not dodge, parry dagger hands Warhammer Star Ming, Carl kick kicked Armagh, on the left hand feather in the body weeks to bring around in a circle, forcing the people have recovered quickly Weaponry. People actually get to see her as a shield so on feather, then a legislator under a Zaigong will not.Tyrande standing local, tall, slender figure seemed even a graceful, she obviously is not the group of people on the eyes, the stars Ming said: calculation is busy every day, and no time to sharpen a martial art? I thought in you can see the shadow of Prince Kael'thas, looking forward to have an interesting battle, well, you let me down. cards Lahai angle is really poor, even to your worship, that power can take you beat me, Oh, What a wishful thinking of the fool.
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