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With the arrival of patch 4.3, we will get the courage points on the purchase method and some modifications. 4.3 changes: Random Dungeon: 150 points for each copy of the courage points, playing up to 7 times a week. All 4.0, 4.1 and 4.3 by adding a copy of the earth fission heroic courage of 150 points available for each kick points. Random Raid: 250 points for each copy of the courage points, 500 points per week. In 4.3, the dragon's soul in the Finder team is divided into two parts. Use team Finder, each leader will not fall courage points, so after each dragon's soul will receive 250 copies of the courage points. Each leader once a week will only drop items for you, but you can continue to complete the team Finder team to get a copy of the courage points 250 points, up 500 points. 10 copies of the team leader: courage by 115 points. Nine leaders a week, including the Palatine Castle. 25 copies of the team leader: 135 courage points. Nine leaders a week, including the Palatine Castle. Courage maximum points 1,000 points a week. When you get the courage points, you will want to spend it, and merchants will offer a wider range of items, so you can challenge the dragon soul, including the cloak, rings, long-range weapons, necklaces, jewelry, chest armor, helmets, gloves, wrist, shoes and belts, all items are 397 item level. We aim to make these changes is to re-position the courage to return to the point of monetary reward as a consolation goal in the first, there are two main reasons: you want to get a head from a piece of equipment, but very bad luck, This change can slow down your depressed mood; encourage you to continue fighting with the leader (to help other teammates in the team),safe wow gold, even if the leaders can not afford your equipment. Over time, we have the courage to make the points as an incentive for other activities (such as a hero in 5 copies), allowing players to teams in the evening or they do not have time to play a copy of what. In the past,fast wow gold, courage can not meet the team points to a copy of business activities of the players some time to set parts, but we hope to introduce the team's search engine can remove such barriers. We feel that most players will agree to kill a giant monster and then slowly pick up the body farm than a currency to buy something more exciting. Currencies have their own position,wow eu gold, but we want them to be subordinate to kill leader. Team to reduce the difficulty of the search, it will provide the team a copy of the dragon soul,wow po, of course, also reduced the level of equipment items. 10 and 25 is the normal difficulty level of items 397, the ultimate leader of the wings of death falling levels of 403 items. For Heroic, 10 and 25 drop level 410 items, heroic death of the wing drop 416 level items. With patch 4.3 approaching the upper limit, we will announce all the courage points to points in the process of justice, so stay tuned.
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