[ events ] B. EV Tournament viOLet beat Grubby won
_2953Teams from the Binary Evasion United GameSports,[ News ] WCG beauty gaming enthusiasts awarded the, Fragster and readmore other well-known gaming site called organized B. EV Tournament-It's not the end small Cup first round started at 21:00 yesterday, the game is still similar to ZCup WTV webcast by the way to increase their promotion and radiation. B. EV Tournament Cup is also a $ 100 bonus set of the Cup competition system fundamental and ZCup similar, in the quarter-finals before taking BO1; semi-finals take BO3. The final final is BO5. Weekly event organizing committee selected 64 applicants to the competition,hunter armor, the contestants too; to remove miscellaneous selection race will take the 44 seeded players + 20-bit free entry to competition. Competition in the Garena platforms, when the organizing committee will inform the players specific game room. Registration form (the interception at the Binary Evasion official website) of the first race Results: Eight semi-final winner Grubby 2 Grubby 2 Overthezero 0 Grubby 2 RoX.KIS.Nicker 1 GaB.Satiini 0 GaB.Satiini 2 sRs.viOLet Mojawi) FoCuS 2 Mojawi) FoCuS 0 YoM [M] 0 sRs.viOLet 3 WMF_Rjw 1 sRs.viOLet 2 sRs.viOLet 2
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