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PK, or PK. I say this, and everybody would look so different views on when the decentralization of a ring, hehe. My Paladin is added noise, defense - plus miscellaneous discipline, discipline of a fatal blow to the increase, which is the Blessing of Kings did not increase, defense out to Divine Shield. Equipment is a fatal blow to Canadian priority, force-sensitive equipment priorities, Stamina final consideration, the shield can not defend the action, the teeth of weapons is silent (no choice has been playing Edward). Priority attached to power equipment,wow gold kaufen, followed by agility, and finally endurance, weapons Crusaders. The equipment is more than 24 created a kill, blood anemia, but only 3900 in his early knight. Remote is not mentioned, my Paladin added point, or melee kill easily. The battle begins, to blessing their magic back, followed by sucking on Seal (name used to call himself, I believe we can understand), if the fight against the soldiers or thieves, you can give him a vampire Seal of the trial, and then open the Seal of the Crusader, the rate of 1.6 teeth of silence coupled with the Crusaders attack rate of 40% of the commission, the effect anomalies. Against the shaman or the other knights, with a blood-sucking directly Seal chop got. Against soldiers or thieves, when blood-sucking after a trial on Seal of the Crusader, although by a lot of damage, but also each and about 130 injuries, out of 200 on the last kill, while the high speed to a certain extent make up for minor injuries. Because the presence of blood-sucking trial, each hit 3 61 Blood can recover, a battle down,wow powerleveling, potentially increasing their life limit. Against the shaman and the Knights of the time, less the Crusaders, attack speed is not so obvious, but did not transfer the trial because of the presence of blood-sucking Seal, the power of big, injuries are more than 150, the large increase in blood-sucking, time the effect produced can be recycled 94 blood. Face of the other attacks, if the other attack is too high, this time we should waste of points to open a magic Divine Shield, Holy Shield talent with 30% parry 30% block shield barriers, coupled with its high strength, high defense, physical attacks and heart sigh really hope I record 8 consecutive block, ha ha. Play when the thieves, in each other's blood less than 1 / 4 time, you should estimate the direction of good his escape, early release film fire,cheap wow gold, and if not burned out, do not control him, to add their own good blood, so you can stand the. Blood, the blood in their own half or 2 / 3 of the time plus as much as possible with the use of physical attacks ineffective and invincible. Invalid because the cooling time is short physical attacks, so it should be priority, let it go There is a physical attack is invalid advantage is that it's magic is not obvious, frequent physical attacks are ineffective in the open, and then bandage or the increase of blood, people are still playing silly and found several times before Huiguo Shen immune to. Bandage is preferred because it has a cooldown, so you can maximize savings on magic (though the blessing has been added back to the devil). When fighting for a long time, depending on the circumstances, if we find enough magic, should the vampire Seal or Seal of the Crusader Seal of the magic smoke into play. Invalid in the physical attack and the circumstances did not invincible, they have to take at running tactics, to a certain distance on the distance, pull away the blood increases. Distance to the opponent can not milling around, the way he cut Jidao. Do not rush to kill the opponent, but should first try to survive. Physical attacks at least ineffective in 2 minutes, invincible for four minutes, plus the magic back to bless you with not only the magic is. Last time I and another Paladin PK for 75 minutes,cheapest aion gold, is such a fight, ha ha. Is dead, there is this magic, this is the Paladin's benevolent bully melee, melee COME ON!
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