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Since we all came from the pickle game, why now have to despise pickles? How, WOW game with kimchi game what is the difference? Leveling quickly, equipped violence point? I open a legendary 2SF also like this, you coming to play? Chinese players are kimchi origin (about 99% of it, accurate point, that phrase that people are not the words in brackets), the game now comes to kimchi, if you has nothing to do with the kind support of kimchi game ... ... The people so vulgar? Online support in Europe and America who, it so trendy? I remember a river flows to the east where the saying classic lines: can be considered a derogatory word it, each game is carefully manufactured by the manufacturing people. (Of course, there's not a very small number, but 99% ^ _ ^) well written this article, is expected to scold someone, but I hope that after reading the comment again, I just have a question for discussion & , thank you. 1. Screen, in fact, this should not in the scope of discussion here, but it just talk about it,cheap world of warcraft gold, the screen just a technical problem & style, in fact, nothing to say, as long as such financial resources, to be a good game screen difficult. 2. This game is If WOW is not out of the snow will be exalted so bad? Blizzard is directed at how many players play the name of it? I could BS you,wow gold buying, but I was one, all of them are playing, of course I went Wanla. Blizzard the name is not a vegetarian, about 99% of people will have (Some people want to curse ... ... hope to see people can calm down, talk about a game not worthy of you to criticize it) 3. Life cycle of the game, first there is a premise to say this, WOW I do not know what the future will be a big update trends (not to change to change those skills), World of Warcraft lost treasure & experience & level cap, can be said China has always been the most of BT, and fast full-level, fast hit the best equipment (due to be exclusive copy of the diagram),gold sellers, in addition to PK after the completion of the playability, what it does? Its life cycle can have long ah what? I do not have too many people will go to all had finished a career, right? (May be 5-10% of people will so be it) 4. Let me say why this game so many people can play,fast wow gold, simple, it is probably lost treasure in China is the most experienced & robes game now, and soon full of class, of course, say another job is not a small one to play, but I think this WOW GAME is really different from other network places, it can be said that a common set of SF network GAME it. (There are some people want to curse ... ... hope to see people calm down, talk about a game not worthy of you to criticize it) 5. Balance, I do not understand why everyone says Warcraft balance when it comes to balance, obviously refers to the balance on the PK, do not you ask me SOLO powerful but not powerful PK This is not called balance? World of Warcraft experience to the high 60 level is a matter to which the lost treasure, so after one of the best pieces of equipment does not have to be too long (measured when there are people who hit the 7 weapons), as also SOLO someone to do? The PK, say professional phase grams, obviously, is blowing, there is always professional & PK PK powerful ultra-weak job (specifically, what career did not say, lest they had been seized on the issue). 6. Professional skills, this is actually nothing to say, but read some people are not even counted WOW this is the What kind of fun you hanging; making it just to make money? If not upgrade skills training, fishing does not fall into the good things, who would get rid of it? Then you will not enjoy the kind of fun went! And that clearly, everyone knows something caught inside a region is determined, which has several types of what is, will he put it so exaggerated? 7. Trading, trading systems is to avoid hacking, but actually starting from the business, if an equipment can only be one person to wear, then one person from the one to finally put a few hundred pieces of equipment may be to increase the game time (play equipment, time), this is the fundamental purpose! GAME and the other network is through streamlined blasting equipment to improve, this is WOW powerful place. (No derogatory sense, I think this a good set, players have benefited businesses &) 8. Team the next copy, in fact, almost every network GAME is this, and also the traditional team (human shields, + HP, and fire guns) play BOSS, play equipment, there really can not see where WOW special. Is that a copy under the high, high so-called do not is hard to beat just a little monster, who can tell me what content we can see it? (Do not just leave a Ethnic wars, will not speak of any number of super-multi-tribal, I think Blizzard said the most the most powerful on the one hand, WOW free to PK, but I wonder why no one say that this set is not good, so I do not know is feeling of fear of the other senior players who said how how he, or really no one do not like this setup, but I kind of view, WOW it has created between the so-called Alliance & tribal struggle, so players are What seems to think it is because the glory of war (even more so that the honor system, players have had this kind of thinking), even if someone were to kill senior players also feel that it should be, You could say because of the play Alliance & Horde is fighting with the. But plainly, is not it is to keep looking worse than their own people to kill, and now it seems that is not how I heard it was wild to find someone to be P PK dead, and some even higher than the level of tens of novice class to kill (although some people say he can win his 6-7 high level people, I do not know whether they blowing), but that is to say honest tribe / alliance and war, this is not just being a excuse Ma. So that the PK xx free game (Star of the door people know it? PK for free and ...) into a (And some people may want to scold, but who can say where this thing? Who says he's not the kind of cool to kill / to show for yourself? If you are to these two samples, then WOW, what in your heart content is there? If you not, tell me! what you are away for the PK! do not get some too fake / false reason oh ~) 10. Task, some say only upgrade to play games, play equipment, PK who will not play the game, then we talk about doing the task, some say the biggest WOW meaning is to do the task (I really read someone say, ah) , the nature of the task do we know? The next task, Daguai, find articles, get experience and money, get equipment, mission-critical stuff, WOW has had, where it different? Some people say that like WOW so stop doing the task, did not stop the feeling, to be honest the game task bristle, really fun? Of course, some tasks is a good example, I remember that the task of the Black Sea, Jaina (like the name), it is just an ordinary story of the death of a loved nothing more to see much, but it was finished the task just to go pay when they hear the cries of NPC, so I have read that the task of ordinary and short story. But some abuse the task is too crude to do, I give an example, the task of the night when the novice, which is to take a series of wells on the water, when to take the first, the second task is to take the next one, the next task is to re-take the next well, then I guess the next five still is the fourth of the water (the result is really like, I just fainted, how boring tasks can think of! scold! is not it? on this task, then), so do not stop the task is considered a right? I doubt it. In addition, I also like to say, in fact, not a highlight of the game WOW, there is the story of the mission, in fact, each game has (99% have friends)! Not every game is like what people think so, With this in mind not just the player to play the other game going, for example, RO (as WG & NG has ... but!), I remember reading one in 17,173 in the student's correspondent article, called , everyone is watching the Raiders finish the task to get reward would leave the heart cold ah ... ... ... ... Finally, the conclusion that white, WOW GAME do not have the same network with the other, and Daguai, upgrade, do the task, playing equipment, money, and PK, can someone tell me what WOW has where you really have meaning? Also some people do not just repeating someone else says is good, and he said yes, played center and asked to draw their own answer to it. Mention one, there is nothing wrong with this article, or view a different opinion, please post in the comments, greetings free, but I think if you really think WOW has the connotation of people do not scold your friends, and will sincerely tell me what is the meaning of it - is not it?
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