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Point complaining about a old thief, remember two days ago to see a buddy in the bedroom with the trade union groups to fight ZAM,wow gold kaufen, he was in the dry the whole thing: no brain hemorrhage, regardless of the energy to fight empty, do not interrupt, do not split, not cutting, bleeding bleeding. Of course, this thief is a special column, but also shows a problem. Whether in PVP or PVE, thieves tend to play no brain. Beta period as a player, witnessed a thief skills to step by step from non-brain, the former thief, there is no god like mobile force, no strange suspended animation, all in all, the decision of the thieves have to rely on skill, relying on operation, I have seen many turn from other professional thieves, the final results are being forced to improve their operating skills, improve their PK technology to study how a rational use of another skill. What now, bleeding, bleeding, bleeding, bleeding Shadow Step,wow gold safe, bin. Do not know around the back, do not know the control, anti-upper hand does not know, a lot of people. Thieves have lost too much, is this BLZ want? Just a competitive game? Will simplify operation, simplify to the pure reaction and button Competition? The type of MMORPG doomed it impossible balance, playability and balance is always the balance at both ends. When the diversity and skill are lost, when the game only when the killings and killed, please think about it, WOW this is what we want? Why not have that effort will play DOTA go, at least not point card, right? If BLZ insisted WOW playing a competitive game, a no-brain fun games, to ignore rationality, ignoring the playability, ignored the story, engage in what the damn balance, then I prefer to play Tetris . Very much hope that the thief can return to wolk in the past, forcing people to return to the previous era to master this profession. Last sentence: When WOW larger audience, people who play more often, this game has gone bad. Change not only the game's quality, as well as games of their own environmental change. Replies I read, think, or to edit it, first of all clarify that I am a very old thief, seasoned talent there from Throwing Specialization talent that's funny, the thief began beta numbers, can not say the oldest, but not small, it more than three years. Another, looking behind the replies, most of them that I was to spray the thief, to clarify again, I am not to spray, if that is sprayed, and sprayed the BLZ. I would say the core is: BLZ for athletics, in order to balance, in order to increase the audience for WOW,gold sellers, at all career changes, not just thieves, thieves is only one of the glory of the decline. All occupations in the non-brain direction, once flowing OG, shurrik, DD, these predecessors to see if they PK video, then it is to many people something to inspire. Now? More equipment to suppress, more simplified set of operations so that all non-professional in the direction of the brain. More and more like a thief took two large blades of robbers, not a rogue. This is my own feeling,sell wow gold, but just looks like more people to kill in the pursuit of Shuangkuaigan, this is not the same place as before. Finally, I summarize the next point: the previous game, the player's own correct problems played a role, such as chat channels 5S speech interval, determines most of the players come from the old version did not refresh the habit; such as the talented thief design, most of the old thief who decided to play the PK time carefully, rather than to non-cerebral bleeding bleeding. Now? Forget the bar, a sports game, requiring balance, love and balance. This is the result of our ridiculous balance, play more and no brains, more boring, more kimchi, more and more. Away from the original WOW.
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