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>>> The original paste address We, the Shadow Priest community, are concerned about the direction the development of our beloved spec is taking, and would like to learn more of your intentions for our proposed role in the upcoming WotLK expansion. Coming from the BC, Shadow Priests were prettweak in competitive PVP, but rather sought-after in PVE for their utility role (mana battery) Some of the changes to the shadow tree suggest, that the PVP role of a Shadow Priest in WotLK should indeed improve , and are very welcome by the face-melters among us. But our PVE role,wow gold kaufen, which many Shadow Priests belive depended mainly on our mana replenish abilities, sees a drastic change in potency, when compared to some of the other intended changes. More classes get strong mana regen abilities similar to, or better than ours (Mage water elemental,sell wow gold, Retribution Paladin, Survival Hunter,wow gold buying, Shaman / Mana Tide / Spring (if it goes raid-wide as hinted)), while our Vampiric Touch was severely weakened. Although we do understand, that an essential ability for raid progression, such as mana regen, shouldn't be limited to one spec, we are worried, that the remaining abilities a Shadow Priest has to offer, are not good enough, to make us a welcome and integral part of any raid. What we would like to know is: - are there plans to increase our DPS to be on par with other (similar) specs, to strengthen our role in raids? - alternatively, are there plans to enhance our utility role in some other fashion, possibly by building upon our 'vampiric role'? - Do the developers share the Shadow Priests believes, that Shadow Priests profit less from gear upgrades (especially crit / haste) when compared to other classes, resulting in comparatively worse scaling? (our main spells are limited by cooldowns (SW: D, MB), inability to crit (all DOTs and Mind Flay) or weak spellpower coefficient (mainly Mind Flay)) the main paste (shadow priest communes) that the dark, animal husbandry weak in PVP in TBC, in PVE popular because of his mana battery functionality. The new reference WLK talent, shadow indeed get some enhanced PVP, but PVE mana supply capacity is no longer on our patents, there are many career also has a very good team magic recovery, and some even better than we (Master of the water element). We understand this change, so that these functions should not be limited to a career,cheap world of warcraft gold, but we fear that our ability to stay still not good enough to play an important role in the raid. We need to know is: 1. Are there plans to increase the dark, animal husbandry and other DPS DPS career that can compete, thereby strengthening our position in the raid? 2 Or if there are plans to enhance the role of the dark, animal husbandry and other aspects, such as blood-sucking ability? 3. Dark, animal husbandry equipment on the benefits (especially fast / crit) than any other profession, if it continues after this we will expand the gap between the DPS and the other does? (Our main skills are public CD: Mind Blast, Shadow Word eradication; not crit: Mind Flay and all the DOT and the relatively low healing spells are penalized: mainly Flay. Thank you for your feedback, Shadow Priests. We've got further review and adjustments coming your way. :-) Blue posted Re: Thank you for your feedback, shadow priests. We will go your way and adjust more to a retrial. :-) Then, in the new career change, we see the Priest (Skills List / Talent Calc. (8788)) Shadowpriests upcoming changes We're going to do some further tweaks to Shadow soon. Upcoming Shadow Priest changes: We will soon be in the shadow priest talent to do more adjustments.
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