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Against the dark, animal husbandry,cheapest aion gold, all occupations, the first post out of my equipment, I am by no means the first statement female house, and the Society with RAID or red battlefield honor for me to play is almost impossible. I think the equipment is the most desperate of all time is Vurtne video told me that the gap between the original equipment can operate on the awareness and use of engineering to make up. So then, I decided to do reluctantly, when a dark, animal husbandry, animal husbandry and bid farewell to two years with the tailor, the friend rushed to help the project 300. Now I carry a large reflector 3 and 100 + pieces of iron grenades, that, not to mention I was a terrorist, there is more than I XE guy. Ado, my equipment: witchcraft teacher scarf: 10 anti-intellectual 41 10 100 lives enchanted injury law. Quicksand Charm: 9 anti-intellectual 25 France 12 injured. Moam out of a blue shoulder: 11 7 Stamina 15 Intellect 21 spirit enchant spell damage 18 spell damage. Legionnaire silk coat: 19 anti-intellectual 21 France 15 seconds back injury 6 mana per 5 enchant 100 lives. Light blood aprons: 20 anti-intellectual 28 20 100 lives enchanted injury law. Arcane accurate wrist: 9-resistant 12-chi 1 hit 21 spell damage enchant 9 endurance. Blood Guard silk Hand: 12 anti-intellectual 21 5 spell damage, 50% chance to cast Mind Blast will not be interrupted with dark magic 20 injured. Blood Guard satin boots: 17 anti-intellectual 21 spell damage 15 spell damage enchant 21 speed. Burning magic belt: 12 anti-intellectual 25 France 16 1 fatal injury. Corrections ring: Chi 23 9 8 anti-injury law. Chan Jill emblem: 10 1-resistant 10-chi hit 11 spell damage. Perfect contribution to the Rune: 7 anti-resistance by 20. Zandalar hero with magic protection spells by 30 spell damage, 14 spell damage wand psychic. Above is my equipment, although not very good but I was well prepared for a long time. Then get down to business, to the souls of the dark, animal husbandry, for example. 1 soldier soldier is a poor job, anyone can play them dead, but here are my opponent AL warlord level, they can let go two or three knives knife broken shield most of the blood. So in the face of this soldier, I will drop without any kind of pain on the vampire and the plague, but also in the cast Mind Blast and Mind Flay when the soldiers have to be careful not to be interrupted boxing, once broken it means The next few seconds with the soldiers to bear the greatest harm, and this pastor is installed on a blue fatal. So I took a very simple way, that is cheating boxing, magic 1 second or half a second cancellation,wow eu gold, the soldiers will usually boxing, then came to an end. In short, dark,safe wow gold, animal husbandry is relatively easy to play soldier. 2, thieves, thieves can be said that the most difficult job I had, in the latter part of my video, and thieves who T3 LM hammers a duel, but have not won. Indeed, in the face of skills, plus a full 5 stars to steal armor and duration of coma was an excellent grasp of thieves who did not have my phone, I even tried emblem (MS emblem can answer coma) + net devices still to no avail. Of course, this is the face of high-end thieves, thieves face of the general fact of blood and teeth against the soldiers is about the same, with the tribal emblem solution out of the kidney pain vampire plague hit after the throw, you can use grenades to speed up the output, then only a vampire, and attention Fear is the thief disappears after use can reduce his chance to control your time, if blind, then he will find the 10 seconds you have to suck the blood. As long as I said earlier did not encounter the kind of thief is not much problem. (Dark little strong, that is you this pig) 3, Hunter Hunter is arguably the most easy to deal with, and what 41 yards to put the blue kite that is on paper, put the blue refrigerator is very unstable, and we need to do a thing, that is the full DOT, as then you want to hit Mind Blast or a casually throw a grenade. Of course the premise is to disperse the beginning hunter shooting + seconds off your refrigerator did not, in short, I have never lost to a hunter. 4, the old enemy the Master, Shadow of confrontation with the elements of the various talented Master a variety of different style of play, once again shows where my opponents are equipped with the ubiquitous guy, I would like to explain in detail is divided into several parts details of the confrontation with the Master, because the dark, animal husbandry is indeed a need for awareness is far greater than the professional operation. (1) 20 Austria 31 Master ice, with all the talent of the Master, I do not recommend the use of hands is silent move, the Master changed your sheep before you have to do is give him a pain only, not silent, the Master refrigerator so that you can use the anti-into his rhythm, to know the Master is a terrible explosive career. Austria with 31 ice mage 20 contests, you know, he's silent killer is NOVA + Frostbolt Cone of Cold instant second person, when you see the opponent's rushing to you, you can choose to Psychic Scream, if you have ice to live and be silent, and now you have to do is to immediately lift the shadow form and hit the key grenade, hit the opposite win lose, no confidence in their own grenades friends (including me) this time to open the anti-ice it, the Master will be the verge of tears. After we spent in the counter-attack or whether the Master is no way to increases the blood. Always remember that silence can only be used in the refrigerator after each other, or even to enter the Master is a waste of rhythm. (2) 24 ice 27 fire mage, mage can be said of these most difficult, they either frost or fire gathered the most powerful elements of me in the face when the law spell plague will be cheated out of use he fridge, then use the silent force the Master into my rhythm (Here I have to BS about a pig, because I play too much about lifting in the refrigerator immediately after rapid cooling the refrigerator again after silence), and the Master The fight is mainly rhythm,world of warcraft, appropriate to interrupt the opponent's magic use of grenades and Frost Nova first time to disperse, to pay attention to the other party once the counter immediately cancel your shadow form blood. (3) 21 Austria 30 fire mage, this is the legendary Austrian Fire, and usually reaches a certain level of mage equipment will be used, such Master in a gas given off when the second can be anyone, of course, they weakness is also very obvious that a fire department does not only attack the refrigerator two out strong. We can play to increase their vampire plague hand the amount of use of silence to prevent their spike, used to fire the anti-reflection magic or force each other into their own rhythm, of course, wear a fire resistant equipment are also a few words of my good ~ Black Dragon Cloak F 15 fire resistance. (4) 20 fire 31 ice mage, the legendary turtle Flow Master, and the spell is as difficult to deal with France, roughly 27 play and 24 fire mage ice the same, but more needed to disperse the other side of the ice shield to disperse , so that is a waste of a public CD, playing this all with a Master's when I desperately ~ dual reflector summarized under the confrontation with the Master, to disperse the other ice shield, the first time dispersed Frost Nova, fridge silent, sacred in any case can not be anti-system. 5, Warlock and Mage, as against the different talents of different pets different from the SS have the appropriate skills. (1) pain Warlock, Warlock and painful confrontation, we should pay attention to three points, a first time dispersed Siphon Life,gold cheap, the second best way to interrupt each other all the magic, fear, silence, hand grenades, three-note to disperse each other and the BUFF, such as spell Stone, plus dark magic resistance as well as a return of blood, sacrifice voidwalker after the shield. If the other party with a kid or a succubus, a pain on the right, Biexian trouble. (2) destruction warlock, and against the destruction of SS can be said to harm on the fight, the damage output of the dark, animal husbandry, more direct and more consistent than the SS, but do not forget the other side there is a time to get back the rhythm of the succubus, so with against the destruction of SS, we need to do is to connect people with Succubus out of fear, if not so, then fall into a bitter struggle. My video in two paragraphs in the middle part of the confrontation with the destruction of SS fragments, that guy can be said that technology is in place, and I felt Drakedog rival general frustration. (3) demon warlock, to be honest I do not feel anything on the SS is the devil, and their damage output terror headache of DOT damage not only on their own depressed abnormally high resistance opponents. Of course, I certainly would not cherry Death-angel on my head to let them depressed. Shadow Reflector + Moam Eye (essential), and the devil in the SS, the fighting can be ignored before I say shadow priests do not need to operate the sentence. Eye Moam hands open, to disperse the other magic armor, pain, vampires, plague, appropriate to disperse their Corruption and Immolate, Mind Flay has been used to reduce each other's speed, not to increase mantra shield, not before the dog used, be sure to use flogging them and the silence of fear and grenades to try to control the other magic. Silent when the open end soon dark anti, nearly 90% of the SS will eat their own death spiral. If the eye Moam effective within 30 seconds you did not kill the devil SS, then you have lost, magnificent resistance scraper. . . Dead is the flesh and blood to do, sleep for a. Priest Paladin Shisa full against the four plus a small German occupation of the blood continues to explain in detail tomorrow, good night.
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