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Abstract : valuable experience - a quick first page profiteers : the second page of Introduction : overview of the third page : the preparation phase Page 4: started the fifth stage Page : Auctioneer and usage of the sixth page : expansion phase of the seventh page : monopoly stage of this comes from NGACN, the original author ilovesos address : bbs.ngacn.cc / read.php? tid = 3913879 & _fp = 1 & page = 1 reproduced in the text of the first to keep this line . Introduction Why this profiteers quick , because I , ah ~ ~ 4w5000g stolen and a number of articles about the total value of 6wg ,gold cheap, thief move on me 40 minutes .... No. excluded after an acquaintance suspected of hacking ( I did not told anyone account password secret protection ) , can only be made ​​anti-virus software trojan .... not to force ah ,wow po, even if you are buying a genuine , stolen still can not get any compensation , now that the horse is still in ~ 110 my computer not to force ah , strict law enforcement , then that should be accepted , but may have all of the provisions of whether virtual goods station ,safe wow gold, regardless of the size ,gold sellers, they are too lazy to take the tube ... court proceedings , reports Netease , give me a break for a variety of .... not to force ,cheap world of warcraft gold, SO AFK ~ the way the rest of the players leave a little experience and advice ~
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