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Today is the NetEase Warcraft closed beta phase of the project group of the penultimate day of the original. Also today is Tuesday, in the original CWOW Japan, today is the maintenance and 25 copies of the updated time. However,wow powerleveling, today's news from the point of view, Netease, and no routine maintenance, and all of 25 copies of the update is complete. This also means that a lot yesterday to complete the kill Sunwell Plateau Kil'jaeden copy of the final BOSS of the Society team, in the second week in a RAID. Now everyone involved in the closed beta of Warcraft players are considered closed beta tomorrow, after the expiration of Netease, is to continue to open the closed beta it? Or stop taking the wait? Or, just the version approved by the department, started operations. In fact, the situation is not hard to guess: 1, if the version of the Department is approved, all natural to say, began to turn its operations. 2, if the approved version of the Department of content is not yet complete, the approval continues,aoin kinah, the NetEase either stop taking or continue closed beta. If you want to continue closed beta, Netease only three factors to be considered: the first is whether the beta version of the Department of term limits - from the previous version of the Department to disclose the information: ,cheap wow gold, Science Department is unlikely to set the period measured, but this is still possible; second factor is the Blizzard agree, as it relates to the interests of sharing Blizzard, Blizzard will also affect whether the views Niece; third factor is the NetEase balance, confirm how exactly to stop taking the loss, if more favorable than the open service. No reason to continue to be measured,fast wow gold, but again, if you want to stop taking, Netease must have any decent reason. Logically speaking, free open beta,gold sellers, the game company is a money-losing proposition, so stop taking reasonable. But the players did not think so, they only care about themselves have to play the game, because not they are willing to pay. Thus common sense point of view, I believe that if the version of Office has not been approved, Netease will continue to open the closed beta until the operation can be started up. Box is not the final version of the Lich King crab on the line should be no earlier than early November
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