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Introduction: Since Blizzard announced after the orange stick is no built-in CD with foreboding, as PVP is absolutely not allowed to appear in a high trigger rate and there is no built-in CD, double damage occurs. As the first Arcane Skyfire Diamond, 2% probability that prompt the next skill in the murder and became a senior JJC comeback in the artifact; then cut into half of the magic diamond, but at that time Austrian law,wow eu gold, then a missile with equal 5 times the probability of triggering. Then continue to cut into 45 seconds CD, 200 slashed to speed up the final grade. So the inevitable orange stick trigger rate is very low, but definitely did not think it actually only 1% of the trigger rate ... ... Long anger, Tarui Ke Sha Gou's sleep Binds when picked up Two-Hand Speed ​​3.3 928--1393 injury (per second injury 351.6) +459 Intellect +779 Stamina Red Socket Red Socket Red Socket Socket Bonus: +30 Intellect Requires Level 85 Item Level 404 Equip: Improves hit rating by 366. Equip: Improves haste rating by 252. Equip: Increases spell power by 2973 points. Equipment: When you hurt, there is a chance to get Tarui Ke Sha Gou anger, copy the PVE to PVP damage spells pay, hey. Effects trigger rate of 1%. Copy Arcane damage spell damage,wow powerleveling, which DOT will be copied to form a new Arcane DOT (DOT caused the same number and copied DOT). Tarui Ke Sha Gou's anger is sent out from the players body, so damage can not copy a single DOT,cheap world of warcraft gold, DOT only when a release or refresh to trigger effects. Tarui Ke Sha Gou Wrath of injury and copied the same spell damage. Simulation of the professional talent 20,000 -5 million times fighting the battle of time 500 ± 50 秒 installed equipment T12 391-397 graduation rate --- know the trigger,aoin kinah, the equipment on the effects of the injury rate had little effect (with ignition or the baby's suit effect excluded) [Click to enlarge] to the basic course, if you are only 300 or so lucky enough,wow gold safe, great skill is copied each time, that damage is not low-oh. But if you're bad luck, may play down a copy, BOSS does not trigger a war.
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