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Why is Blizzard so hate it treated? You may have heard of the treatment will be made in the CTM is very different. Their role will be more challenging,fast wow gold, especially in the control of the blue side. Forum regulars know the estimate, but I still see a lot of people ask, As we all know, the treatment of mana in the WLK not a big problem. Indeed, sometimes they will empty the blue, but this spell will not affect their choice, just like before, like in WLK. But we think Mana is very important. Many of the gameplay lies in how to fully utilize the limited resources, this is like Star Gas Field RTS game, or FPS game ammunition. Rational use of resources allows you to learn to play the game better. If you do not control the blue, you will feel so cool in a short time, it is because you violated the rules. In fact, when you violate the rules, once the end of that short time, you will complete tragedy. Long-term point of view,aoin kinah, then what is the beginning of cool completely undesirable. Now is for the treatment, compared to other roles, control blue (Editor's note: energy, rage, runic power, centralization is included) will become more important in the game. I had used a metaphor, but a lot of people have expressed their deeply felt, so I once again moved out of this analogy. DPS output is like racing, you usually want to run the sooner the better. The treatment is not a game, this is more like throw darts. You have to be accurate as possible. Treatment is often the choice when to use what kind of skills. Consumption of different blue different skills makes you want to distinguish between those skills. If removed to control the amount of blue in the distinction between skills,wow eu gold, you will lose a criterion. A good treatment is to keep everyone alive in the case of the blue he is not empty, and they are proud. Because some of our mistakes in the treatment of back in WLK blue back too much. Let us first look at the infinite blue of the consequences. First, the treatment we will often use those high consumption of fast blue treatment skills. Blue is not a problem in the case of high consumption of blue and nothing, so these skills for them to just fast treatment. Why not fast treatment skills? Treatment of the game greatly reduced because they no choice. Everyone cycle of use only to those strong skills: Shield, Holy flash or rejuvenation, instead of learning when to use what skills. We think that a good game of base should be to make some interesting decisions. When your skill bar is too small when (because no one is alone with the consumption of blue that is very slow or high skill), you rarely make some interesting decisions. Second, the treatment will not air the original blue, we must find ways to make some of the original design Raid difficult situation should be very challenging indeed. This is generally a huge tank or damage the team. Therefore, the choice of treatment not only in skills not much room, but injuries forced them to have these high after the end of each GCD to use these skills, otherwise some people will die. This makes the treatment of stress is very large, and not make the right decisions to bring a sense of accomplishment. If you choose the wrong treatment goals, made a will to stay, or cards, then some people only die of. Third, we do not like to give you that extra something back to the blue, for example,world of warcraft, some talent, such as mental attributes, and even some jewelry effects. Furthermore, when the blue is not the problem, over-treatment is not a problem, these players do not care. When everything is over-treatment when such property as crit will not be valued. Fourth, PvP balance has been seriously affected. Do not worry if a treatment completely empty blue or excessive treatment and the blood of his teammates easily put together when the fighting becomes a choice - the treatment to kill or not kill. No one would have been a lot of blood loss. What's tactics have been meaningless. Imagine a tennis match, the first serve of the result determines the winning or losing the whole game. We can increase the blood to change the status quo, and the CTM, we did do that, but more blood and if there is an infinite blue will make the boss made no threat. Let us be clear that we are not always want to treat an empty blue. Our hope is that if you play well you will empty the blue. We do not want them to always fail, we just want them to face challenges in the game when the good state of mind,wow gold buying, to overcome those difficulties and ultimate victory. When someone is injured, we hope that the treatment they consider using some slow but cost-effective treatment skills (because they are not immediately going to die), not blue with some fast, high consumption of skills. This is called triage (Editor's note: According to the possibility of urgency and saved on the battlefield to decide who preferred treatment method), it is obvious that the treatment is in the WLK what they are missing. We think this will make the treatment more interesting. We made this change to combat is not to treat by weakening the contrary, we just want the game more interesting by the time of treatment to be more happy.
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