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The present situation is this: 1, the service station part of the server to unlock, the new number can be the first recharge. 2, the current version CWOW in TBC beta, WLK has not yet submitted for review (as to 85 levels of 3, a new piece of information Possible scenarios 1, dress, died. Not impossible. The majority of the NGA public, like a good how to deal with the what. 2, dress, long free of charge. This also means that long-term do not pass the audit, then the time fixed in the harmony of the TBC. If you can not experience the WLK and simmering after the catastrophe, it is still very economical. 3, CWOW recent charges. Estimated that most people subconsciously take for granted the results. For a normal RAID-WOWER who participated in the Society, the point card about a month 3-4, the total 90-120 yuan. The cost of the service station, on card 80 (Taobao price) + agent 30 (I telecommunications 2M, Direct Connect service station, the useless agent, delay 60-150) = 110. All this, a considerable number of people find, CWOW and TWOW distance is not so far away. [[Well, I boldly predict,wow us gold, announced the charges in 163, shortly after, due to unbearable dusty TBC, the service station ushered in the third emigration. The Chi fendi how to deal with, we think .... Oh, according to its performance in previous waves of immigration in the near future, the intellectual who is likely to be locked again Di FWQ. Is not it? ]] Was for a friend, someone to the present version of the professional advantages of TBC, this is not unreasonable, just the game thing. However, if the first happens it? National service died. So, a lot of players will flood TWOW, Chi fendi probably will again lock FWQ. If the third situation occurs, the server where Di Chi estimates also barely. We play games, is to make yourself comfortable to play, is not it? There are several options below. 1, to the European service, the United States service. This is feasible. A friend like me, English is great, go to school to do simultaneous translation that will make money. Recently went to England to study,wow gold safe, hang out and go to the European service. 2, the players left in TBC, I suggest you to unlock the wisdom fendi FWQ current circumstances, create an account to TF, and first recharge. Do not be afraid to spend money on cards goes on (I remember the dress, customs services, intellectual fendi locking server during the service station air the full level number is more than 1000RMB). Not even on the side. When buying support on the stock is stuck with the garbage ..... what if it? You do not play WOW it? Chi fendi lock FWQ, you live forever? You become a professor? 3, for the TBC to give up the service station of WLK, but a step, but that bridge people. These people are wise. It is a little less courage. For me personally, is beginning to worry about. But now feel good, because a friend had come earlier. Are not so embarrassed. My personal starting point is this. 1, TBC no demand, and his deputy, considered a D knife, what else, have a pulpy. 2, No. 80 in TWOW a about a month to do the task. Month, the national service can not open WLK. Spend the same money (some say free yet, and yes, always go for free is it?), I can take advantage of this time to experience WLK and global synchronization in the near future to experience a major disaster! Starting from the beta I have nothing down, because to TWOW too late and not experience the WLK, directly play a major disaster? NO. Stay in the country serving an estimated catastrophe when released, WLK will open it, then wait another year catastrophe? I have no patience for that. 3, the most important point I want to fundamentally solve the problem of the lagging piece of information, thought to want to, only to the service station. As long as the national dress, you can not swimmingly, even if no card WLK approval, approval of a major disaster do not card? This is an insecure place. I can say that have seen through. Choice is you, please feel free. Send this post, just so that we have to prepare for future situations. This is not addicted, just think,fast wow gold, what the game, since the play, or to be more comfortable, playing the head of the grievances, What kind of things? 9C era, to TWOW of the national service pioneers,gold cheap, I can only say that you really worship Liang Zi ~ ~ ~ XX was great what did not fall. Finally, call me,wow eu gold, I served the wings of death in Taiwan, LM, F are basically the mainland, Taiwan and Hong Kong people there is no sense, but also one or two refresh the. Why the delay, as I said before, the direct leveling without any problems. Copy has not been. Monthly card to buy from Taobao, 80, a month is so much overhead. Small increased significantly recently, and I estimate the same ideas a lot of people. Moved over the entire guild has found a the. Thank you. The decision you want to help.
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